Find marketing success with custom printed stickers

Find marketing success with custom printed stickers

For over 60 years stickers have been used to advertise products, establish brands and promote events. In today’s world where budgets are tight and businesses are looking for ever more creative ways to advertise, custom printed stickers are more popular than ever.

At we find that customers use our custom printed stickers for a great many purposes including:

Brand building
A simple logo or web address on a sticker placed anywhere grows awareness of your brand.

Branding packaging and envelopes
Adding a custom printed sticker to your envelope or package advertises your business even before the package is opened.

Venue and event promotion
Our stickers can go anywhere, so they’re perfect for promoting club nights, bands, bars and restaurants.

Advertising offers on product packaging
Many customers add value to products by advertising special offers, competitions or multi-deals on product packaging.

Updating or correcting existing print
Prices and product updates or errors in brochures can be addressed using stickers until you’re ready for a reprint.

Branded address labels
Make sure your address labels include your logo, contact details and branding. It’s inexpensive and easy with custom printed stickers.

Guerilla advertising campaigns
Stickers are often used in stand-alone campaigns or as teasers as part of larger promotions.

What are the advantages of advertising with custom printed stickers?
Custom printed stickers are highly effective and great value for money. This form of advertising certainly, won’t break the bank. With sizes starting at 25mm diameter, our custom printed stickers really can go anywhere. That means that your brand or message will be seen by large numbers of people in a wide variety of locations. We supply custom printed stickers to suit any budget, but that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. Our stickers are printed using our HP Indigo presses that produce print of the very highest quality.

Stickers let you target your ideal market
You’ll enjoy even more success if you locate the stickers where your target market is likely to see them. A bit of research will go a long way to getting your message to the people you want to reach.

We print circular, square and rectangular stickers in a wide range of sizes. Our custom printed stickers start at 25mm diameter and go all the way up to A4 size. It’s easy to get a price online, upload your artwork and order your printed sticker. You can arrange delivery too and you’ll love our turnaround times, so for more information, quotes or to order your custom printed stickers, simply visit or contact our experienced team of expert printers today!




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