How to design a business card

How to design a business card

business-cards-1If you’re in business or run your own company you need a business card. Even if your business is based online you’ll meet prospects and potential customers everywhere. Business cards are invaluable whatever your sector.

What are business cards used for?

A good business card not only introduces you but is a valuable piece of marketing that can generate sales or leads long after you’ve given it out. There are plenty of ways to get your business card out there and you never know when you’ll bump into a potential client. For example:

  • Networking events
  • Trade shows, conferences and corporate events
  • When using other businesses or suppliers
  • Social occasions

If you’re sending any correspondence such as invoices, receipts or products, include your business card. Even a chance meeting in the street can be a great opportunity to give a card. And remember that your business card might be the first impression someone will have of your business so it needs to be well designed and perfectly printed.

What kind of paper should you use for business cards?

You can use any sort of paper stock but never scrimp on the quality. Insist on premium paper whether it’s silk, gloss or uncoated. There are also luxury papers with linen, laid and hammer effect textures as well as card with metallic and pearlescent finishes. They may cost a little extra but your business card will project pure quality.

How thick is a business card?

The thickness of your business card is as important as the print and paper quality. No one likes a thin, floppy business card. At we recommend a minimum weight of 350gsm although many customers prefer to go to 400gsm. We also supply a range of double, triple and even quadruple thick luxury business cards that go up to 1190gsm. That’s the thickest business card you’ll find online and sure to make a lasting impression.

What size is a business card?

The most common sizes are 85 x 55mm, 90 x 50mm and 90 x 55mm. However, you can also have a square card or one with a double length flat size that folds in half. Really it’s up to you. Most cards show only a logo, name and contact details. You can use the back to bullet point important services or if you’ve more to say, a folded card might be for you.

How much do business cards cost?

The cost depends on the quantity, paper type, size, thickness and on whether you’re printing on one or two sides. Typically, the price per card reduces with the more you order but with digital printing, there’s no minimum quantity so you can start with only a small amount for little cost.

How do I print my own business cards?

It all starts with the design. Simple is always best. Make sure your fonts are big enough to be easily read. Type should be no smaller than 8pt (at an absolute minimum) and at least 12pt for your company name. For print, make sure you’ve outlined your fonts and remember to add bleed and crop marks.

If you’re unsure about supplying business card artwork for print visit us at Our website includes support pages clearly explaining bleed, print areas and other artwork requirements. You can even download editable templates onto which you can place your artwork. You can get an instant quote online and we’re sure you’ll find business cards to suit your budget. For the full range of sizes, paper types and to get your quote, upload your artwork and order our new business cards visit or contact our expert print team today.

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