How to design a great event poster

How to design a great event poster

studio-republic-644339-unsplashPosters are one of the earliest forms of advertising. Their use developed in the early 19th century when they were first used to recruit soldiers, spread ideas, advertise products and promote political parties. The development of posters influenced everything from typography to design. Simple fonts, minimal text and clear design that can be seen from a distance are all concepts that originated with early poster design and those rules still hold true today.

If you’re running or promoting an event, posters are a great way to create a buzz either on their own or as part of a larger promotional campaign – as long as you stick to the golden rules of events poster design:

Don’t forget the visual hierarchy

People see so much marketing that attention spans are short especially when it comes to poster advertising. Your design should be dominated by a good headline or striking image. Make it big and bold. Don’t be afraid to use something witty or different to persuade people your poster is worth reading.

Start with the vital information

It sounds obvious but you must include the time along with the date, venue and name of your event. Also include social media handles, web address and contact or email details. The old adage “less is more” is certainly true for poster design so rather than fill your poster with information make sure people have details of where to go if they want to find out more.

Use clear, easily readable text

All text should be easy to read even from a distance. Use clear fonts and make the text as big as possible. If you need to add more information use bullet points rather than long sentences.

Call to action

A simple BOOK NOW with a website or email address encourages people to take action. QR codes are also useful to guide people directly to online booking forms.


It’s easy to get so used to seeing your design as a whole that you overlook a spelling error or an errant apostrophe. Always double-check your text and have someone else read over it before you send your poster to print.  

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