Design ideas for booklet printing

Design ideas for booklet printing
Booklet Printing

Booklet printing is a large part of what we do at We supply an extensive range of printed marketing and large format products for all sorts customers, but the printed booklet remains one of our most popular products among small and large businesses alike.

Customers use our booklet printing service for brochures, reports, magazines, manuals, reference books and corporate documents. We offer a huge choice in paper types, finishing and binding so you’re sure to find the one that’s perfect for your specific needs.

Of course, there’s a lot of competition vying for attention so great design is vital to get your printed booklet noticed. Fortunately, we have over 20 years’ experience in booklet printing so we’ve published a few ideas to help you design the perfect booklet.

Make a big first impression with your cover

The first thing anyone will see of your booklet is the cover so it must look professional with a design that really grabs the attention and persuades the reader to look inside. There’s no one formula for great cover design but professional designers use a variety of design techniques. Remember, if you’re not a designer yourself, bring in someone who is. A professional designer is a great and necessary investment for your business.

• Keep your cover simple

Nothing will instantly turn off a reader like a cluttered, messy front cover. People simply won’t bother to read it. Use one title or headline. You’re not trying to sell your product range on your cover; you’re simply saying, “Look inside”.

• Keep it interesting

Your graphic elements should be eye-catching and noticeable. If you use images on your cover or internal pages, make sure they’re sharp and clear. Images should be 300dpi at the size they’re printed. Our website gives advice and tips on images along with other artwork issues, so have a look online if you’re unsure.

• Use your cover to tease the reader

Your cover might carry little or no information, but rather pique the interest of the reader so that they want to find out what’s going on with your booklet. Clever design and a great headline can help achieve this.

• Don’t fear space

Inexperience in design can often lead to cluttered or busy layouts with few areas of the page uncovered. Good designers know that white space can be extremely effective in focusing attention and giving your booklet a modern, contemporary feel.

• Use typography as part of the design

Rather than use type to simply inform, many good designers use typography very effectively as part of the design itself. While it’s important to use clear and easy-to-read fonts for your content, you can get really creative with type used as a graphic element on your cover or throughout your printed booklet.

At we know really know our booklet printing. For over 20 years we’ve supplied booklets, brochures and other printed documents to a huge range of customers. We offer great choices in paper, binding and finishing. You can get an instant quote on our website where you can upload your artwork, order your print and arrange delivery online. You can even download and use an artwork template if you’ve any doubts about how to supply your job. For more information on the many printed products we supply or to order your printed booklet, simply visit today.

Booklet Printing