Why less is more when it comes to designing your banner stand

Why less is more when it comes to designing your banner stand

Banner stands can be a great way to make an impression with customers and prospective business associates. If done right with a professional finish, they can also create a great first impression, and in some cases leave a lasting impression. Banner stands can be particularly striking and impactful if properly branded for trade events and exhibitions. We recently identified the display stand as one of the main ways to stand out at an exhibition.

Banner stands can come in a range of styles including curved pop up stands, small roll up stands and easy to carry display stands perfect for exhibitions. As with any other printed marketing materials it is important to ensure you get your message across clearly to your customers.

Curvorama display stand

All too often when designing a banner stand you can get the urge cram as much detail as possible on it. An approach of “I’m paying for the banner so I want to use it all”. This approach is all well and good if you are simply looking to just fill it with colour or an image but not if you plan to add in 5, 10 or 15 images and so much text to go with it that anyone reading it will get a sore head before they even reach the bottom.

The idea of less is more is used a lot in life and is something that should be applied to any banner stand. You only want to use your banner to provide the necessary information for a customer. After that, it is down to your knowledgeable sales team to do the rest. Think of the banner as a carrot. You just want to dangle it so that it creates enough interest for the customer to lead them wanting more.

Roll up banner stands

Roll up banner stands

In the case of an exhibition show this is crucial. Roll up stands and banners are a big part to branding any stand at an exhibition show and you want to use your stand to help your products or services stand out from the crowd. So how can this be done?

For us, stick to the less is more approach when designing your banner stand and you won’t go far wrong. The fewer text, fewer photos, less clutter you have on a banner, the more impact it will have. If your banner contains too much detail for customers to take in during a short period of time then it will have less of an impact. Keep this in mind when deciding what you really need to put on your banners.

There are a number of things that we suggest you include on every banner and these are:

  • • Colour variation
  • • A point of contact
  • • Link to website
  • • Name and logo
  • • Powerful image
  • • Clear, easy to read text

If you have a social media page such as Facebook or Twitter it may be worth including them on your banner as another point of contact for customers to visit. A company hashtag may also be something to consider in the future helping you engage with customers who view your stand either at an exhibition show or at your premises.

Rapide pop up stand

There is a lot to consider when designing a banner stand as it is vitally important your stand looks good and stands out. The first point in ensuring this happens is by adopting this ‘less is more’ approach and only providing the most important information and the best quality to images to the stand. If you are creating a number of stands you can allow yourself to get that little bit more creative, particularly with colour.

For a starting point to designing your next banner stand download our free template here [PDF] and contact the Digital Printing team to see how we can help.

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