Direct marketing ideas for your travel and tourism business

Direct marketing ideas for your travel and tourism business

Direct Marketing IdeasThe Internet has completely changed the way we shop for everything from clothes to holidays. It’s also changed how companies do business and the travel and tourism industry is no different. However, travel and tourism is just one of many sectors who are increasingly aware of the advantages of using direct marketing and print alongside digital media.

What is a direct marketing campaign?

Direct marketing means promoting your business directly to potential customers using any form of media including print such as flyers, brochures, leaflets, booklets and magazines.

What are the benefits of direct marketing?

People are much more likely to read and study printed literature than information online. Print marketing in travel and tourism allows people to see exactly what’s on offer, from hotel rooms to local attractions or beautiful scenery. A stunning landscape looks immeasurably more attractive spread across the pages of a magazine that it will on even the best smartphone or mobile device.

How to use direct marketing in the travel and tourism industry

If you’re in hospitality, travel and tourism promote your business wherever your potential customers go. Do you run a restaurant? Advertise with flyers in local B&Bs, shops and other businesses travellers are likely to visit. If you run a bed and breakfast use booklets and leaflets in restaurants, bars and even filling stations. Think of where newcomers to the town are likely to shop, eat and visit. Brochures give you the chance to really show off rooms and services as well as attractions in the local area. If your restaurant or hotel has a window with a particularly good view, use that image on your direct marketing. Use leaflets, brochures and flyers to tell visitors what you offer and why your establishment is a must for their trip.

How to market tourism

Think of other ways to reach people who travel. Travel magazines often include inserts while many newspapers and magazines have travel sections. Have your direct marketing inserted and you’re sure to reach your ideal customers. You could contact local car hire firms and arrange to have your marketing displayed on their premises or even in their cars. Everyone else who’s involved in the travel and tourism industry is a potential partner (or even a customer) so get thinking and get creative.

Choose the best partner for your travel and tourism marketing

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