Drive footfall with storefront displays!

Drive footfall with storefront displays!

On the high street, city centre or any shopping area, we pass stores and shop windows constantly. Some shop fronts might be more appealing than others. Some, we might not notice at all. Shops use a variety of displays and decorations to help them stand out. So what makes us want to enter a shop? And if you’re designing storefront displays, how can you make sure potential customers don’t just walk on by?

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At we supply an extensive range of products to help retail premises bring in customers. Of course, the size and shape of your shop and its window or front will help determine how best to advertise your shop and contents. At we supply an extensive range of products that our retail customers use to bring in footfall including:

We’ve put together a few tips to help you decide on what’s best for you and most likely to turn passers-by into shoppers.

Ask yourself: Who are my customers?

We print all sorts of advertising and marketing material for our customers. With any promotion, marketing campaign or shop front, you can’t create effective design without first knowing who your customers are. Their age, habits, personality and interests will determine the look and feel of your display. Consider everything about your target market. Do they have hobbies? What sort of jobs do they do? What might make them stop and take notice of your shop?

Keep it simple

Don’t plaster your window in posters with multiple offers and deals, leaving it looking cluttered and too busy. Many of our customers use our self-adhesive vinyls and see-through window vinyls to give their shop fronts a clean, professional look. See-through window vinyl is particularly popular when you want a striking display that’s visible from the street, while allowing those inside to see out. Have a look on our website to see how effectively our customers use vinyl window displays.

Make it legible

Keep your text simple and your font big. People won’t stop to read your copy. You’ll want passers-by to see immediately what you have to say. Busy background designs can take away from your message too. Look at your own window from outside. Can you read it easily? Would you go inside?

Make it inviting

Your window graphics should work with your internal display to create an inviting atmosphere. Remember, the whole point of your shop window display is to draw passers-by into your store. You might have the most creative design in the high street, but if it fails to attract customers, or worse still, puts them off entering your shop, it’s failed in its purpose.

At we supply everything you need to create a great window display. Have a look at our website for our full product range and to see examples of some great displays we’ve produced for our customers. You can get an instant quote, upload artwork, order online and even download templates to help you with your artwork. Simply call our experienced print team or visit today

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