Effective business marketing with roller banners

Effective business marketing with roller banners

Effective business marketing with roller banners

Whether you’re marketing on a budget, embarking on a major advertising campaign or looking for a one-off marketing item for a show, event or business venue, roller banners are proven and effective tools to get your message across to your target audience.

Ready when (and where) you are

Roller banners have several great advantages over other forms of marketing. As well as being extremely cost-effective, they’re light, durable and can be erected or retracted quickly and easily. Coming with a carry bag, roller banner stands are easy to store, move and carry from place to place. That means your roller banner is ready for use when and where you need it.

Your silent salesperson

Display your roller banner in your own business or retail premises, at trade shows and events or anywhere potential customers are likely to be. Roller banners allow you to promote whatever message, product or service you like. Their low cost, compared to other forms of marketing, means you can advertise a new product, one-off special offer or tailor your message for a certain date or event without breaking the bank.

Our five-point plan to get the best from your roller banner

1. People read top to bottom, left to right, so put your logo and company name at eye level. While with some printed marketing it’s common practice to put your contact details at the bottom, don’t do this on your roller banner as the details could be obscured or go unnoticed when people pass by.

2. Stick to one main message. If there’s too much text, many people won’t bother to read it.

3. Use only sharp, high-resolution images. A low res image might look fine on screen or on your A4 printout but will appear blurred and pixelated in print.

4. Use contrasting colours like black, red or dark blue on white or yellow. Subtlety doesn’t work on roller banner stands. Their job is to grab attention quickly.

5. Get your message noticed with clear fonts. Everything on your roller banner needs to be easy to read. Avoid flamboyant or script-style fonts. Go for big and bold.

Choose the perfect roller banner

Roller banner stands come in many types and sizes. At DigitalPrinting.co.uk we supply roller banners from as little as £23. From our entry-level Bronze stand to our top of the range Platinum option all our roller banners are sturdy, high-quality marketing tools. Have a look at our extensive range on www.DigitalPrinting.co.uk and increase your marketing reach today!


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