Exhibitions – Seven steps to success

Exhibitions – Seven steps to success

exhibitionsWith every New Year comes new opportunities. Exhibitions showcase new products, services and businesses. If you’re exhibiting or even visiting a trade show or industry event be sure to make the most of them with the right marketing.  Of course, you’ll bring business cards and leaflets visitors can take away, but there’s so much more you can do.

What products should I bring to an exhibition?

We’ve already mentioned business cards and leaflets. Ensure they’re up to date, well designed and expertly printed – you won’t be the only company competing for visitors’ business. However, to really make an event work for you there are other products you should use. Here’s our super seven:

What is a poster?

Posters help you maximise all available wall space and upright surfaces. Posters come in a range of sizes from A4, ideal when space is limited, right up to 60 x 40 inches. A really striking image or a clever headline on a poster will bring people to your stand or area to find out more about what you’ve got to offer.

What are roll up banner stands?

Your exhibition kit won’t be complete without a roll up banner stand. Standing at 2m tall and available in widths ranging from 800mm to a whopping 1500mm, roll up banner stands let everyone know where you are and what you do. They’re portable, light, easy to put up and come with a carry case so you can use them again and again. Perfect for a busy exhibition season.

What are vinyl PVC banners?

Announce your presence from across even the most crowded room with a vinyl PVC banner. In lengths of up to 3000mm, vinyl PVC banners are impossible to miss and make a real statement of your intent to do business.

What is self-adhesive vinyl?

Self-adhesive vinyl transforms any surface. Partitions, tabletops and other furniture around your stand will instantly become highly effective, unique marketing when covered in self-adhesive vinyl.

What is a brochure?

Once your large format marketing has drawn visitors to your stand a professional brochure or company booklet will give them more information about your products, services and business so have plenty to give away. Make sure they’re current and that the design is consistent across all of your exhibition marketing.

What is a strut card?

Short on space? Strut cards take up little surface area but are an effective and affordable way to highlight what you’re all about.

How effective is outdoor advertising?

Why wait until visitors enter the hall? Well placed outdoor advertising near the entrance and on the route to the venue put your brand in people’s minds even before they come in. That gives you a head start in a world where any brand awareness is invaluable marketing.

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