FAQs for choosing banner stands

FAQs for choosing banner stands

The role of a banner stand and deciding which one to use can lead to many questions from companies during the planning process. From deciding on the best design concept to picking the most suitable type to meet the needs of your business – this will all require some consideration. We enjoy helping businesses and individuals make the right decision online when they are looking for the perfect print solutions for their job. With this in mind we have decided to answer some frequently asked questions on banner stands to make your decision making process much easier.

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Frequently asked questions when choosing banner stands

What is the difference between a pop up banner and pull up banner?

The easiest way to remember this is that a pull up banner stand is on that you simply pull up and put into place while a pop up is a larger banner stand that requires a bit more time in the construction. Pop up banners are popular for trade shows and will be more expensive and should be viewed as a long term investment, while pull up banners are cheaper and more suited to short term use either inside your place of business or at a trade show or conference. Pull up banners can also be known as roller or roll up banner stands.

Can banner stands be used outdoors?

While both pop up and pull up banner stands can be used outdoors, it is advised to use them indoors only to avoid the potential of damage due to wind and other outdoor elements. If you have a sheltered outdoor area that acts as a showroom, you may be able to use banner stands if they are secured properly, but it is recommended to use banner stands in an indoor environment only, to get the maximum potential from them. If you require a banner to promote something outdoors then vinyl banners are the best choice as they can cope with the wear and tear that comes with this environment and can also be easily secured to a fence or wall.

Do banner stands take long to assemble?

Many people can be put off from buying banner stands as they think it can take too much time and effort to set them up and put them away at the end of the day. This simply isn’t the case! Pull up banner stands can be erected in a number of seconds by using a telescopic pole that rolls up and simply slots into the base. This also makes it easy to collapse them at the end of the day, and the banner graphic will simply roll into place at the metallic base for easy storage.

Pop up banner stands can take a little bit longer than pull up banners to assemble, but the magnetic frame and bars of the various individual graphics make it easy to slot each individual graphic into place to assemble your whole banner stand. The video below highlights the ease of use to setting up a pop up banner stand.

What material is used to print the graphics on?

The material used to print graphics onto the banner stands here at Digital Printing is PVC, with varying weights beginning at 510gsm with our silver roll up banner stand. This is a robust material, ideally suited to banner stands and perfect for taking on the road when you visit different trade shows and exhibitions.

Is there a difference in entry level and premium banner stands?

There are many examples of cheap and nasty banner stands and these are ones you should definitely be avoiding. Flimsy stands made with cheap materials and solved for little cost, may help you keep costs down, but they won’t provide the quality you are after. At Digital Printing, your reputation is our reputation, so we use only the best quality materials for each of our banner stand. This means that our entry level silver banner stand is made out of the same material as our gold premium stands. The only difference is a slightly lighter gauge in aluminium for the frame.

What size is the design are you have to work with?

The area for banner stands is quite a large area and provides plenty of scope to getting creative. All of our pull up stands are 2 metres tall (2000mm) with 3 widths available – 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm. Remember to make your message clear when designing your creative for a banner stand and keep words to a minimum – you don’t want to confuse your customers.

The dimensions for pop up banner stands are different, with the Rapide stand using 3 panels measuring 702mm x 2220mm and two end panels measuring 450mm x 2220mm.

We hope this blog has cleared up some questions you had about banner stands, both pop up and pull up. For more information on designing pop up stands and picking the right one for your next business trip, get in touch with our team today.

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