How to Distribute Flyers

How to Distribute Flyers

FlyersOur essential guide to getting your flyers to the right people
We all know that flyers are a proven and cost-effective way to connect with potential customers. supply a huge amount of printed flyers to our customers for mail distribution, retail, trade shows and promotional campaigns. Flyer marketing really works! But only if your flyers reach your target market.

So… What’s the plan?
You’ve just taken delivery of your professionally printed flyers from So, what’s next? Your marketing plan will depend on your budget, your product, promotional goals and of course, your customers. If you don’t get your flyers to the very people with whom you want to do business, all your efforts will have been in vain. Identify where your potential customers are. Only once you’ve done this, are you ready to choose how best to distribute your flyers.

Door drops
If you want to reach large numbers of the general public, a door drop could work for you. Depending on the scale of your promotion, you might work with the postal service, employ a team, or deliver your flyers yourself. A door drop is a good way to introduce a new service or retail outlet in a town or area. You might even be able to partner up with another business or publication that will let you insert your flyer into their marketing or literature.

Press inserts
Newspapers and magazines often allow inserts for promotion and advertising. In this way you can target your potential customers more precisely than with a general door drop. Of course, publications will charge for this service, so your budget will determine whether this is a good solution for your business.

Hand out your flyers
Printed FlyersYou can get your flyers directly into your customers’ hands by handing them out where you know your target market will be. Location and timing are vital. If you’re advertising business services, hand out your flyers in an area populated with offices and other businesses. If you’re promoting a club or restaurant, choose a time and place where people will be when they’re socialising or on their way out for the night.
Also think carefully about how you – or the people you choose to hand out your flyers – look and act. How the person distributing your flyers appears is often as important as the flyer itself. You don’t have to be an expert in sales, but you do have to appear professional and trustworthy.

In-store or on premises
Some retail outlets, bars or other premises may let you display your flyers. You might offer their customers special offers or give other incentives to help encourage the outlet to allow you to use them for your flyers. Do make sure you ask. Indeed, check that whatever method you use to distribute your flyers is legal and won’t land you in trouble with the local council or business community.

Whatever method you use, your first step is to make sure your flyer looks professional and gives the best impression of your business. And that’s where we can help! have over 25 years’ experience in printing flyers and other marketing material. We offer an extensive range of sizes, paper styles and finishes. You can see all your options online and even download an artwork template, so you can get your flyer advertising just right!  We’re sure you’ll love our work and our prices, so contact our team of expert printers or visit our and get a quote today!

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