Fonts for perfect print

Fonts for perfect print
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Choosing the best fonts for brochures

When it’s time to design your new company brochure there are a few things to consider. Your brochure could well be a potential customer’s first impression of your business, so it has to be professionally designed and printed. Obviously, we’ll help you with your print. We print all of our brochures on top of the range HP Indigo presses that produce perfect colours and excellent image reproduction. Your brochure should also be on high-quality paper and of course, we’ll help you there too.

You’ll need to use professional design so if the design isn’t your forte, bring in a designer. And a large part of the design and the overall look and feel of your brochure is down to your choice of fonts for print.

Fewer fonts – more impact

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that using a lot of fonts is a substitute for good design or that a large number of fonts will make your brochure look fun or quirky. Usually using too many fonts will make a brochure look too busy and hard to read. While a good designer might occasionally use typography as a major element of the design itself, using a number of fonts as a graphic effect, very often the best designs use only one or two fonts. Don’t make your font size too small either or again, people will find it too hard to read and they just won’t bother.

Font types

The most commonly used fonts for large areas of content are known as either serif or sans serif fonts. Serif fonts include small embellishments (serifs) at the end of the strokes. Sans serif (meaning “without serif”) fonts don’t have these. Both serif and sans serif are often used for the main body text in brochures or publications. Sans serif fonts like Helvetica and Arial are seen as more modern looking font types while serif fonts such as Times or Century are seen as more traditional.

Script and handwritten fonts are often used for effect. There are a great many handwritten fonts based on natural writing styles. They cover a variety of writing styles from the very neat to the not so neat. Neither suit large bodies of brochure content but are often used for effect or style.

Display and headline fonts are designed to be used for headlines and can lend style or impact to brochure covers or headings.

If you’re not sure about how to choose the best fonts for your brochure, check out some of the examples on We’ve supplied printed brochures to customers for over 20 years and our website shows great examples of brochures that use a wide variety of fonts and styles. For more information on perfectly printed brochures or to see our full range of products, visit or contact our experienced print team today!


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