Get with the programme

Get with the programme

Programme printing has more uses than you might think.

Music Programme PrintingIt’s been a busy summer as always with concerts, sporting events and shows of every size and kind all over the UK. And whether you’ve been rocking at Reading or cheering on your local team, chances are you’ll have seen a programme or leaflet telling you about the event or the participants. Of course, the main job of your programme is to give information about the event, but programmes are also great ways to raise extra revenue through advertising.

Programme printing – perfect for hitting your target audience
Advertisers know what sort of people will be attending an event and know those event goers will see the programme. Printing a programme for a music event? You’ve a ready-made audience you know love music and entertainment. A rugby tournament? Sports fans and active people. Any show or charity event will have a programme and a captive readership in its audience. Whether it’s a fundraising event, trade show or concert, those attending are part of someone’s target market.

Get a price list for advertisers
Many advertisers sell space in quarter page, half page and full page sizes. Prices will vary depending on the position of the ad. An ad on the back cover will be the most expensive. Inside covers will cost less and internal ads less again. Checking the media rates of other magazines online will give you a good idea of how to grade your advertising. To get a good idea of cost, call the publishers of a programme or publication with roughly the same reach as yours and ask for their rates. Advertising is a great way to raise money or offset the cost of producing your programme.

Offer sponsors or advertisers featured articles
Many businesses will jump at the chance to have a piece of editorial in your programme. An editorial piece is invaluable marketing and great for raising awareness or knowledge of a brand without blatantly looking like you’re advertising. Offering this can really sweeten the deal when attracting sponsors or advertisers.

Your programme can drive traffic to other marketing
You can use programme printing to drive customers to other marketing. Your programme can include offers to entice readers to order brochures or contact you for more details. And of course, you can promote another event that you think readers would also like.

At we print programmes and booklets for a huge range of customers and events. There’s a great choice of sizes available so we can suit any requirements. You can see the full range on our website where you can get instant quotes, upload artwork and order your job all at the click of a button. To find out more about programme printing or any of our products, simply visit or contact our professional print team today.


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