High impact marketing with roller banners

High impact marketing with roller banners

How to make roll up banner stands work for you.

Roll Up stand

Roller banners; pull up stands; roll-up banner stands – call them what you will; these extremely effective marketing tools are everywhere advertising businesses, products, services and events.
We’re now well into August and that means that as well as summer and year-round promotions we’ll soon see advertising for Halloween sales or events and – wait for it – Christmas bookings!

Roller banners are highly effective marketing tools even if you’re on a small budget. Whatever your message and wherever the location, your roller banner will be often be competing with other marketing. Fortunately, with a little planning you can sure your stand will make the sort of impact that will ensure your message is remembered.

Keep it short and sweet
Unlike a brochure or leaflet your roller banner has only a few seconds to make an impact. The most effective roll up stands have a short, snappy message. If you fill your stand with text no one will read it. For example, if you’re advertising (sorry kids) “Back to School” offers, you don’t need much more than the headline and maybe a few bullet points. As long as people know where to get more information, your stand has done its job.

Go straight to the top
Put the most important info to the top of your roller banner. Not only is eye level by far the most noticeable area of your banner but if it’s to be used at different locations tables, other displays and passers by might obscure the lower half.

Use big text for a big impact
Your roller banner might only be seen from a distance or in passing. Make sure it can be read quickly and easily. Make your text or any essential images or logos as large as possible. In halls, clubs or any areas where there’s a lot of footfall, your roller banner will fade into the background if the message isn’t large and loud.

Use high quality images
Your roller banner is a large, visually imposing piece of marketing. A small or poor quality image blown up to size will look blurred. Not only will that detract from your message but it will look cheap and unprofessional. Use only high resolution images and make sure the originals are large enough that they’ll still appear sharp and clear at the size they’ll appear in print.

Always include logo and contact details
It’s easier than you might think to neglect to include clear, easily read contact details on your roller banner. A web address or QR code will drive traffic to your website. Phone numbers and social media icons also let people know where to get more information. Your logo should be on all of your marketing so that your brand becomes engrained in the mind.

Choose the right roller banner
There are many different sorts of roller banner from entry-level stands that are great for single or short-term use, to extremely durable stands that will last a lifetime. We supply a full range of roll up banner stands to suit any purpose and budget. Fore more information or to order your own roller banner, simply visit www.DigitalPrinting.co.uk or contact us today.


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