How a good business card can help you do good business

How a good business card can help you do good business
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Even in our digital age, nothing says professionalism like a well-designed, high quality business card. Especially if you’re someone for whom networking and events is a big part of your sales or business growth plan.

So it’s really important to get a business card that reflects the quality and ethos of your business. Even more so if you’re building a brand: your business card needs to live and breathe your brand values, be consistent with all of your other marketing and communications, and stand out from the crowd!!

It’s a big ask from any piece of print, but the humble business card offers so much creative potential in lots of ways: you can stand out using design, colour, shape, or an exciting message that really resonates with your audience and conveys your business personality. People do business with people after all!


Make Business Personal.
Swapping an email address or details digitally is impersonal. Therefore unmemorable. Real relationships start business connections and handing over a business card offers the opportunity to make a meeting memorable.

Establish your professional credentials.
A good business card is the mark of a professional, someone who plans ahead and is prepared. And those are all the qualities of people that people want to work with. It’s infinitely better than scribbling your details down on the back of a napkin…

Make a great first impression.
Meeting a great prospect or potential customer is always an opportunity – don’t waste it! Having a business card to hand is essential. Having a creative business card that is also a talking point starts excited, meaningful conversations that people take away with them.

It’s another great marketing tool.
A really cost-effective one! And perhaps the most direct kind of direct marketing you can get. Yes, you can send a direct mail or an email: though with a business card you’re 100% certain you’re message is getting into the right hands.

Give them something to pass on.
Don’t just give your contact one card. If you know they’re from a bigger company or know other people in your business, be generous: give them cards to share. It’s old fashioned virality! Even better, if your card is particularly well designed, unusual or of really impressive quality, people will want to pass it on. After, all, it’s all about who you know…

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