The importance of print fonts

The importance of print fonts
Print Fonts

It goes without saying that we take print fonts for granted. However, they’re far more important than many of us might think. It’s imperative that marketing materials are reader-friendly, and the effective use of print fonts is the best way of achieving this. In this post, discuss the importance of print fonts in conveying your message to customers and clients.

What are the main types of print fonts?

Nowadays, there is a seemingly endless number of print fonts to choose from, each with their own unique characteristics. In a bid to avoid death by boredom, the following is an explanation of the most common print font types used by businesses today.


With its immediately recognisable projection at the end of each stroke, Serif has become one of, if not the most widely used print font type of the modern era. A popular Serif print font is Times New Roman, which is said to convey authority, professionalism and trust.

Sans Serif

Unlike Serif, Sans Serif fonts have no projections (or feet) at the end of each stroke, hence Sans meaning without. Sans Serif is said to offer a contemporary look and feel to written pieces of text, which may explain why technology powerhouses such as Apple utilise Sans Serif fonts throughout their marketing material.


Famed for its use of elegant curls and swirls, Script fonts are intended to resemble the calligraphy of yesteryear. Although aesthetically pleasing, Script is not optimal for large chunks of text and, as such, is used sparingly by professional companies.

Why are print fonts important?

Listed below are just some of the reasons why you should never overlook the importance of print fonts for your business.

  • Clear communication – By using clear, easy-to-read print fonts, you will ensure that your marketing material is reader-friendly.
  • Spark emotion – Print fonts can alter the way in which your message is received and, when used properly, accelerate purchasing decisions.
  • Hold attention – Aesthetic print fonts can liven up large pieces of mundane text, keeping readers engaged in areas in which they otherwise wouldn’t be.
  • Establish informational hierarchy – The varied use of fonts can differentiate sections within marketing material, thus adding to their accessibility.
  • Minimise eye fatigue – Unobtrusive print fonts will minimise the risk of text becoming an eyesore on the page, increasing the likelihood of consumption from customers and clients.
  • Foster brand awareness and consistency – The consistent use of a specific print font throughout the entirety of a business’s marketing efforts will achieve a consistent brand experience across all channels.

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