The joy of personalised print for lifestyle and business

The joy of personalised print for lifestyle and business

We all love personalised print, adults and kids alike! This phenomenon has been around for quite some time but last year’s coca cola campaign to personalise every bottle and share a coke created a new found love and appreciation of having our names on something. But that’s not the only way to personalise print. In today’s blog post, we take a look at the best ways to personalise print.

1. Create a poster gift for an adult:

Wall art is a great gift that a person can keep forever. Personalised wall art says that you have taken the time to consider the gift and put a real effort into creating something special and meaningful. It’s a great way to remember the special moments in friendships or relationships, and to put these moments into a textual graphic. Favourite quotations are a popular choice when creating personalised wall art, whether it is for a friend, family member or even yourself. At times like Christmas when we need to buy bulk pictures, why not buy indoor posters (whatever size you want) and frame them yourself.

indoor-poster - Digital Printing Blog(Image source: Posterhaste)

2. Personalised wall art for kids:

When your family or friends have a baby, it’s often an uphill battle to buy something that they will not already have. With a personalised framed piece of wall art, you will be sure to have an original gift that will impress. Use details like the baby’s name, date of birth or star sign to go that extra mile with personalisation or since it’s likely to be hanging in the baby’s room, think about a nice illustration or maybe even a fairytale like piece of text.

personalised posters - Digital Printing blog(Image source: Etsey)

3. Stickers:

Want to really impress your customers? Stickers are a great way to put your company on the t-shirts, lunchboxes and bags of every little one (and big one!) in the area. Try printing various letters to act as initials rather than names and personalise them with adjectives e.g. “The S is for super!” Be sure to print them in different colours to appeal to both boys and girls. Or if you want to personalise and promote your own business, then use stickers as a fun way to do this. Simply choose artwork to suit your business and add your business name and brand colours.

Personalised printed stickers - Digital Printing blog

4. Compliment slips:

Stationary like compliment slips should always be personalised from the business. Otherwise, they will go unnoticed and unread. Personalise your compliment slips with your artwork, logo and personal font. This kind of personalisation will make your brand recognisable and build you a strong brand identity.

Compliment slips - professional finish - Digital Printing

5. Personalised mugs:

Personalised mugs are another excellent personalised gift that can be used again and again by customers. A mug is something personal and can act as a great way to reinforce your brand message and your offering as customers relax with a warm mug of tea, coffee or cocoa. This is even something that you can try and do yourself; see here for some DIY tips.

Personalised printed mugs - Digital Printing blog(Image source: With Love Gifts)

Are you a fan of personalised gifts or do you personalise your business stationary? Let us know your thoughts on personalised printing by commenting below or alternatively you can connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Google+. We look forward to seeing you there!

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