How do I make my own business cards?

How do I make my own business cards?

Design business cards to really get you noticed

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Business cards are extremely important pieces of marketing. They introduce your name, your business and your brand to potential customers. They are often the first impression someone will have of your business and that’s why great design and exceptional print are vitally important.

We print all sorts of business cards and customers often ask for advice on the best type of card. We’ve listed a few common questions and answers (obviously) to help you produce the perfect business card.

How do I make my own business cards?

To make your own business card you’ll first need to be clear on your branding. If your logo and corporate colours are yet to be finalised, wait until they are before even thinking of printing your business card. Also, consider your market. If your ideal clients come from the corporate world, your design should be business-like. If your business supplies quirkier products or services your design can reflect this.

If you’re new to the world of design or just drawing a creative blank (it happens to the best of us) go back to basics with a few simple steps:

1. Choose your size
2. Choose your shape
3. Add your logo
4. Add name and contact details

Done that? Cool. Now you can add any other graphics or text you think you need but don’t overdo it. Short and simple is always best for a business card.

What size is a business card?

Business cards come in a variety of sizes and shapes. We’re often asked, “What is the standard business card size?” That’s usually 85mm x 55mm and can be portrait or landscape depending on your design. Of course, you can choose a longer or even a square card. Some business cards are folded allowing more room for information. Often a more original shape or format will mean your business card – and your business – will stick in the memory. However, a really well designed and professionally printed card will always make a good impression regardless of size.

What is the standard gsm for a business card?

The standard weight many customers choose is 350gsm. You can go as low as 300gsm but when it comes to business cards we think thicker is definitely better. No one likes to receive a flimsy, floppy business card and that’s why we supply premium standard, double, triple and even quadruple thick business cards. You can also choose to have a coloured core visible along the edge of your card.

What kind of paper do you use for business cards?

You can use any kind of paper you want – well, any kind your printer supplies and if you’re a customer that means you’ve a huge range to choose from. There’s premium uncoated, silk, gloss and recycled. You might want your card laminated or for something really special, choose from our beautiful luxury paper range. You’ll find all the options (and a whole lot more) on our award-winning website so for more information or to order your new business cards visit or contact us today.

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