Spread your message with flyers!

Spread your message with flyers!

Effective, flexible and affordable marketing with printed flyers
Still one of the most popular forms of advertising and marketing, the printed flyer is as important today as it ever was.



Our customers at DigitalPrinting.co.uk use our printed flyers in a number of ways including:
• Mail drops
• Inserts in publications
• Placement on counters in bars, retail outlets or at events
• Handed out.

Send the right message
However you use them, it’s vital that your flyers look and feel professional. There’s a lot of competition out there, so think about your design, your print options and importantly, your message! If you’ve used the same design for a long time, it might be time for a change. Take a fresh look at what you want to say and whom you’re targeting.

Engage with good content
Don’t try to cram in every detail about your company or confuse the reader with too many messages. Use bullet points and short sentences which are easy to read, easily absorbed and remembered. Flyers are often used alongside other marketing, like brochures, booklets, stickers and outdoor advertising. Let your booklets, brochures or website provide more details and use your flyer to direct people to these other, more comprehensive forms of marketing. Use catchy headlines to draw people in. Special offers or money off are great ways to engage people and grab attention. Think of what would get your attention and apply the same ideas to your flyer.

Impress with good design
All your marketing represents your business, so make sure your flyer design is professional and clean. If you aren’t comfortable designing your own printed flyers, call in a designer. If you’re happy with your own design skills but need ideas, have a look at our website to see the great work we do for our customers. They’re a creative bunch and you might well get inspired to create something extra special yourself!

Paper’s paper. Right?
Wrong! We print flyers on a vast range of paper types, sizes and weights. A5 is our most popular size, but you can have anything from A7 right up to A3. You can choose from silk, gloss or uncoated papers on weights ranging from 100gsm up to 350gsm card. If you want to go green, we offer a recycled option and if you want something really special, have a look at our stunning luxury paper range for when only the very best will do. You can also have your flyer laminated in matt or gloss. There are so many paper options available and you can see them all online with one click of a mouse!


Our customers know that flyers really work and that they can trust us to deliver the best quality print, on time at the best prices around. Our HP Indigo digital presses produce the very best print with vibrant colours and images, so you can be sure that your flyers will stand out from the crowd and create the very best impression for your business.

To get started with your flyer campaign, simply visit www.DigitalPrinting.co.uk or contact our expert team of printers today! We want to help you create effective flyers that will really help your business!

Ever wondered what goes into getting printed flyers to you? Watch this video to see how we do it…