Customer Story: King Street Coffee Company

Customer Story: King Street Coffee Company

Print Menu PostersAlthough the UK is known for its love of tea, the coffee shop culture is definitely on the rise. We are becoming a nation of coffee connoisseurs and our thirst to have better coffee is growing. King Street Coffee Company in Wrexham is one of the many independent coffee shops in the UK which offers professionally prepared speciality coffee. But what differentiates King Street Coffee from other coffee houses and the bigger coffee shop chains? And how do they use print to promote and market their business? Andy Gallanders From King Street Coffee Company explains how.

How did King Street Coffee Shop come about?
King Street Coffee Company is owned by two brothers wanting to bring speciality coffee to our home town of Wrexham, North Wales. We took 2 months to totally re-design a retail unit in Wrexham bus station. We wanted to create a space where, if you are in a rush, you can pick up a great tasting coffee or take your time, relax and let the day escape you in a wonderful atmosphere surrounded by the decadent smell of freshly prepared coffee.

Coffee Shop PrintingTell us a little more about King Street Coffee Company?
It’s not just a place to grab a cup and go but a place to enjoy. You can take your time, relax and let the day escape you in a wonderful atmosphere. It’s a place to discover vibrant taste in a great atmosphere with friendly staff and the familiar smell of the freshest coffee.

Describe your customers?
We find our customers are becoming more knowledgeable about the coffee they drink, and as such are starting to favour the smaller, specialist independent coffee shops as opposed to the bigger high street chains. They don’t settle for the same bland machine coffee from everywhere else. Our customers are really diverse from students to OAP’s which creates a fantastic atmosphere. However, this becomes a big challenge when designing promotional material as it has to appeal to a diverse range of ages, thankfully we have a great local designer that has been working with us to make design all our marketing material.

What challenges have you faced along the way? And how did you over come this?
Print-wise we struggled with a local company that could print a menu board large enough. After many hours debating, we came up with the idea of 3 A2 posters in picture frames hung on the wall. Really simple idea but with the prints from they look great.

As a coffee house, what print collateral do you invest in?
Our main print collateral are stamp cards. Loyalty cards are key to building a returning customer base. In the short time we have been open we’ve found customers have really enjoyed being rewarded. Some customers have kept a couple of full stamp cards and then brought family or friends to the shop to treat them. It’s always nice when customers are surprised to get a free coffee.

What other marketing tactics do you use?
We use social media such as Facebook for day to day marketing, we’ve found Instagram a great tool to show off our products. Currently we have been using sticker with our logo on to add colour to our take out cups. It’s time consuming adding stickers by hand but they look great so well worth it.

King Coffee CompanyWhat do you think of the standard of service and digital print products by
We can’t praise enough. The quality of print is amazing. If something isn’t quite right with the order the team are get in touch to make sure the file you’ve uploaded is correct. This is brilliant because when you are concentrating on the day to day running of your business you know the print material you require is in good hands.

What’s your experience of ordering print online from
Ordering from is a no brainer, easy to use site, great prices, additional support with your order, good communication on progress of order, timely delivery and Haribo… ohhh yeah, they put sweets in the box to sweeten the deal!


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