Get your message out there! Stick it to them with stickers!

Get your message out there! Stick it to them with stickers!

StickersOf all the ways to get your message out there, stickers have stuck… So they’re here to stay – and there’s a good reason for that.

Stickiness is a big thing! In our digital age, when gurus and strategists talk in terms of ‘web page stickiness’, they’re using the analogy to gauge just how long people spend on a web page, website or app. The longer the dwell time, the better the ‘stickiness’.

In traditional media, offline, stickers are something that offer so much potential – yet are still seriously under used. But even that creates an opportunity…

As printers, we know that the first thing most businesses ask us for to promote their business is a leaflet or brochure. These are great tools of course that serve a particular purpose. But businesses don’t often consider the benefit of stickers: so here’s the thing: if everyone else is handing out leaflets and you’re giving away stickers, you’re immediately positioning yourself as different in the marketplace. That makes your business more memorable and you’ll be perceived as more creative and fun.

People like stickers. Kids love stickers. Lots of us love to put them on their books and bags, cars and fridges, meaning that your business is present in people’s homes and lives every minute of the day, reminding them of you and your product or service. What could be more cost-effective?

They’re small and nifty, so stickers can go in the most unlikely of places – given the owner’s permission of course! This makes for all kinds of great opportunities to do something fun and creative. For example, placing your sticker in a place you know your customers will find it, and then giving instructions for them to take a picture and post on social media, gives your brand exposure offline and online, is fun and is creating content for your marketing – what could be better?

Building a small amount into your budget for stickers could prove very cost effective. For just a few pence, you’re producing a piece of marketing collateral that people will actually want to use, to put on their coat or car, and carry around your brand message for everyone to see. If you’re using the sticker as a giveaway, even better: a fun message goes a long way to engaging your audience.

Remember going to the dentist and being delighted when you got a sticker for being good? Giving that feeling to your customers creates a wealth of good feelings for your business.

Ask your designer, agency or our team how stickers could be an invaluable weapon in your marketing arsenal. Together, we can work out your target market and what we need to say to them. Think about how they might use stickers or where they would put them. Design stickers that incorporate your message or brand, think about what it looks like and make it eye catching.

At we offer a range of stickers including A sized stickers, round stickers, square stickers and rectangle stickers.  Visit our website today for more information, an instant quote or contact us and we will happily advise you on which products are best for your requirements.


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