The continued benefits of printed marketing

The continued benefits of printed marketing

Printing plays a huge role in our daily life and digital printing products are widely used in advertising, literature, business stationery, event programmes and promotion.

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What makes printed marketing so successful?
Print engages existing and prospective customers. Versatile, creative and persuasive, printed marketing has a unique ability to grab and hold people’s attention in a way no other media channel can offer. And by including QR codes and web details, you can use it as part of your overall marketing mix by directing customers to your website and social media pages.

Digital printing offers added benefits. There is no minimum amount so you don’t have to print more than you need, and digital printing offers a shorter turnaround time than other methods.

The impact of print on your marketing
Brochure printing, point of sale advertising, direct mail, stickers and leaflets all have a proven, positive effect on your sales figures. supplies printed marketing materials to businesses across a wide range of sectors from small businesses, through to the retail, manufacturing, government and tourism industries. Research carried out by the BPIF shows the many different industries who rely on the impact of print to enhance their brand and significantly increase sales of products and services. Turnover by market share is shown below:

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Print and online media – The perfect partners
The latest Advertising Association / Warc Expenditure Report shows that advertising expenditure on print has grown 9.1% since 2013, with a further 5.7% growth forecast for 2015. Of course, online marketing remains strong, but as the diagram below shows, advertisers and businesses are using printed marketing to drive sales and online traffic.

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Getting creative with print
A look at will give you some idea of the range of printed products and how they can be used to increase sales and promote awareness of your brand. A great advantage of printed marketing is that people can read it anywhere, in their own time and at their leisure. Popular forms of print marketing include:

Brochures, Catalogues and Leaflets
Print is a tangible form of promotion which engages existing and prospective customers. People will take more time to browse a booklet or brochure in print than online, where they scan quickly for information before moving on. Depending on your content, we can print leaflets of single or few pages, right up to books of 700 pages.

Letterheads, business cards and compliment slips remain an essential part of your business marketing. You can also brand stickers and address labels, further growing awareness of your brand.

Stands, Banners and Vinyl
For shops, windows, trade shows or outdoor, we have a wide range of pull-up banners, exhibition stands and vinyl options to make your business stand out.

Posters and Point of Sale
We print a huge range of posters ranging in size from A4, right up to large format outdoor advertising like 48 sheet billboards. The beauty of digital print is that there is no minimum print run, so you don’t need to print more posters then you need.

We recycle up 99% of our recyclable materials too and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our green credentials even more. To see the range of products or to find out more about how printed marketing can help your business, contact our expert team today of visit us on






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