Food for thought – Get the most from your organic food labels

Food for thought – Get the most from your organic food labels

Organic Food LabellingEffective labelling for organic food and drink products is extremely important in a market which sees around 10,000 new products introduced in the UK every year. Consumers are moving more towards organic products and away from established corporate brands, so your packaging needs to reflect this. has many years of experience in printing food labels and packaging, so here’s a guide to help you keep abreast of current trends.

Use good, clear design.Organic Food Labels
You’ve spent time and effort producing a quality product, so have your organic food labels professionally designed. There’s a huge amount of competition so give people a reason to choose your product. Appetites are moving towards authentic, real, honest foods and you need customers to trust that your product has these qualities.

Get your message across.
As with all your marketing, use good copy. More people are concerned with exactly what goes into the foods they buy, so make your message clear and consistent. Think about including QR codes and of steering customers towards your web and social media sites so they can find out more about your products, your company and what you do.

Get your style just right.
There’s a big move towards natural colours, vintage styles and hand drawn logos, especially for organic and healthy foods. A natural or hand drawn logo and design style gives your product an authentic, trustworthy and personal feel. Use the same look across your printed business cards, flyers and posters so that customers recognise, trust and choose your product over those of your competitors.

Are you ‘Big on Green?organic food label printing
Customers buying organic foods want to know how green your product and company are, so let them know and they’re much more likely to buy. We’re big on green too. While indigo print is not 100% recyclable, recycle up to 99% of recyclable material. However, do remember that with food products, your labels can only go outside your organic packaging. Anything inside will need laminated.

Shapes, sizes and finishes.
Your look doesn’t stop with design. We can finish your organic labels in a number of ways. We’ve matt, gloss and silk crackback labels; water resistant and permanent. Think about the size and shape too. Circular, squarerectangular, from small sizes right up to A3, choose a shape and size which compliments your design and print. You can see the full range of shapes, finishes and sizes on our website, so have a look and see what suits your product.

Customers today are much more interested in how and where their food and drinks are produced and in such a competitive marketplace it’s essential to get your packaging just right. Our expert team at have the knowledge and experience to help you make sure your organic food labels hit the mark and help increase your sales so check out our website or contact us for help and advice.



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