Pack a punch with your packaging!

Pack a punch with your packaging!

packagingIn an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s vital to constantly think about how to get your message across. Promotional opportunities are everywhere and your packaging is a ready-made marketing tool that goes directly to your customers.

The personal touch
Everyone likes to feel special. Used correctly, your packaging can really build and strengthen relationships. A simple hand-written note shows you care about your customer. It might just say thank you for the business, or that you hope they enjoy their new product. Small touches like these can get you remembered for all the right reasons.

Complimentary service
With more and more business being carried out online, some people might think the simple compliment slip is outdated, but they couldn’t be more wrong. prints a huge number of these, both as part of our stationery packages and as stand-alone items. A hand-written note on a well-designed, branded compliment slip can go a long way to keeping your business at the forefront of a customer’s mind.DP228 Packing box branded

Send a postcard
A well-designed postcard is another great way further promote your business when sending a package or literature to prospective or existing customers. Everybody likes something for nothing, so why not include a postcard displaying a special offer, discount code or invite to an event? Again, you’ll be adding value to your product and building customer loyalty. You can also use your postcard to collect customer feedback. People love giving their opinions, and asking them to comment on products and services is a great way to encourage interaction. Your feedback postcard might even double as an entry into a prize draw if completed and returned. And a big plus with digital printing is that it’s easy to customise your print for different customers, further adding to the personal feel.

Stick ‘em up!
Advertise even before someone opens their package or envelope by adding a sticker or branded address label. Your sticker might just show your logo or maybe tease with a QR code, web address or social media page. We print a great deal of stickers for customers who use them as part of a larger marketing campaign, but stickers are increasingly popular for branding packaging at very low cost. They can help drive traffic to your online pages or simply add a fun feel to your packaging. Have a look on our website to see the range of stickers available. It really doesn’t cost much to personalise your packaging and brighten someone’s day!

There are loads of ways to add a little extra punch to your packaging. Postcards, stickers, compliment slips or even business cards can be included to add value to your product or service. You’ll find them all and plenty of other ideas on, so check out our website or contact us today and let us help you get creative with your packaging!


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