Planning a milestone birthday party?

Planning a milestone birthday party?

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Young or old we all love a party and when it comes to birthdays there are plenty of milestones to celebrate. Turning teen, turning eighteen, 21, 30 and pretty much every new decade after that is an excuse for a party to mark the occasion. If you’re throwing a milestone party there are plenty of ways to make it even more memorable – often at the expense of the birthday boy or girl.

Inventive invites

For a special party you’ll want special invites. You can have your invites printed in a number of shapes and sizes. Postcard size is most common but there are plenty of other options. If you want a really unique invite you can have them printed on flat unfinished sheets. Flat unfinished sheets are cheaper to print as there’s no trimming to pay for and you can cut out the invites yourself to any shape you like. The invite can even be an old, close up photo (as old and as embarrassing as you like) of someone that you can cut out around the shape of the face. Or for a child’s party your invites might all be different shapes that fit together on the day to form a picture or complete a puzzle.

Banners for a big birthday greeting

Whether you’re hiring a venue or having your party in a house, a PVC vinyl banner is a perfect way to greet the birthday boy or girl – and embarrass them – with a vintage pic or selection of pics from their childhood right up to present day. Banners are also handy outside the house or venue to let people see where the party is taking place. They’re often displayed on the day purely to embarrass the subject in their home town or place of work. If you want everyone to get the message, a PVC vinyl banner is perfect for you.

Say it with stickers

Kids love stickers and they can be used at parties for games, puzzles, prizes or as party gifts and in goodie bags. They’re great for adult parties too. If the party is taking place in a bar, club or restaurant, a sticker with a pic, slogan or image relating to the subject can be given to each guest to stick on their clothing. They can be used for adult party games too or can each show different pics of the birthday boy or girl placed around the venue. Stickers can really add to the occasion. They’re easy to print and don’t cost much at all.

At we created our website to offer our customers the best possible user experience. The site is easy to follow and you can upload artwork wherever you are from your desktop or mobile device. You can download templates for your artwork and all of your print, from PVC banners to invites or stickers will be printed using market-leading high quality presses. To find out more about how we can help you throw the perfect party visit or contact our team today.

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