Perfect book printing with perfect bound books

Perfect book printing with perfect bound books

If you’re printing a book, magazine or any document of between 40 and 700 pages, perfect bound might well be your perfect option.

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Perfect binding is an excellent method for large or small quantities of books, magazines and other publications. It’s great value for money and gives a high quality, professional finish. Maybe that’s why it’s so popular. If you’re wondering about the best type of binding for your publication, think about perfect binding.

What is perfect bound?
With perfect bound books the pages are stacked to form a block. Then all the pages are bound together along the spine with strong, flexible, PUR adhesive. Finally the cover is wrapped around the pages and glued to the spine. PUR is extremely strong and non-brittle, so the spine won’t crack or the pages fall out over time.

When should I choose perfect bound?
If your publication is over 40 pages, perfect binding could be ideal for you. At our customers use perfect bound for magazines, reports, brochures, catalogues and even books or novels.

What are the advantages of perfect bound books?
There are many great advantages of perfect bound books. It’s a really cost effective binding method. Remember that there’s no minimum order on our digital print, so you never have to print more than you need. Great for both your budget and the environment! Perfect bound books have a highly professional look and finish. The spine is squared off so your book will stack and display easily. And we’ll print on the spine so people will still see the title when the books are stacked or placed side-by-side on shelves.

What sizes are available for perfect bound books?
We offer five different sizes from A6 up to A4. You can have landscape, portrait or choose 210mm x 210mm square.

What sort of paper can I use in my perfect bound book?
We have a huge range of papers and finishes. We offer premium uncoated, silk and gloss papers in a range of weights. There’s also a recycled option and you can choose matt or gloss lamination, which we recommend for your cover. And if you need something extra special, choose from our stunning luxury paper range. Contact us at to receive your sample pack. We know you’ll be impressed!

Go to our website more information on perfect bound books or to see the full range of printed marketing materials we supply. Our HP indigo presses produce the highest quality digital print available, so you know your printed job will look and feel professional. To find out more or to get a quote and order your perfect bound books online, visit today!

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