Perfect Bound – Your Perfect Solution!

Perfect Bound – Your Perfect Solution!

Perfect Bound Book PrintingWhether you’re printing a magazine, book or anything from 40 to 700 pages, perfect bound book printing could well be your perfect option. Highly professional in appearance and very cost effective, even for small quantities. Perfect binding is extremely popular for a huge range of publications, from manuals, reports and catalogues, right up to soft-cover books of several hundred pages.

As a printer of perfect bound books, we thought it would be a good idea to share some information on the more frequently ask questions. Therefore, we have created the following guide for authors, businesses and organisations. Whether you’re publishing a bestseller, producing a glossy manual or distributing your annual report, here is our advice…

What is Perfect Bound Book Printing? How does it work?

Perfect bound book printing is a widely used binding method for magazines, books and reports. With this method, the pages and cover are glued together at the spine with a strong yet flexible adhesive to provide a smooth and stylish finish.

perfect-bound-booksFirst, we’ll stack all the interior pages of your publication into a perfectly squared block. Then we’ll apply a very strong and flexible PUR adhesive to the rear edge of the block, before wrapping the cover around the pages so that it bonds along the spine. PUR adhesive offers superior adhesion and increased binding strength compared to traditional perfect binding. Finally, once the adhesive is cured, we’ll trim the open three edges of the pages and cover so that it’s all perfectly square, smooth and clean.

Why should I use perfect bound printing?

Perfect bound printing is a popular choice for document binding and there are reasons why. It’s extremely cost effectively and gives a clean, eye-catching and professional finish. The square finish makes your books, magazines and manuals look great plus they stack and display extremely well. Furthermore, the perfect binding method can accommodate up to 700 pages and you can print on the spine. A benefit that spiral bound or saddle stitched printing does not offer.

Can my perfect bound books and documents be printed digitally?

Of course! One of the many benefits of digital printing is that you can print the exact amount that suits your needs, from a short run to a large quantity. Get in touch with our expert print team to find out how digital printing will work best for you.

What size can I have my perfect bound book or document?

You can chose from a number of sizes. Our perfect bound books are available in A4 portrait, 1/3 A4 portrait, A5 portrait, landscape or 210 x 210mm square. The inner text pages can be uncoated, silk or gloss, in weights ranging from 100gsm to 150gsm.

What sort of paper can I use in a perfect bound book?

You can have a silk, gloss or uncoated in a range of weights and thicknesses and we recommend you laminate your cover for a quality finish.

– Silk coated paper has a smooth feel with distinct surface sheen. It offers excellent ink to paper contrast, and printed colours appear distinct and clear.
– Gloss coated paper has a shiny surface and very smooth finish. Colour is sharp and stands out well. Ink dries quickly and the need for lamination is reduced.
– Our premium uncoated paper is absorbent. Printed inks appear flatter due to this absorbency, and the paper has a soft finish. A recycled option is available.


If you think that perfect bound printing is right for your publication, or you’d like more information, get in touch or head over to!

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