Perfect Bound – The Perfect Booklet

Perfect Bound – The Perfect Booklet

Perfect Bound Booklets
Perfect bound booklets
 are a popular choice for many businesses wishing to have a professional edge when it comes to printed marketing material because the perfect binding process provides an expensive look and feel for high-end brochures, magazines and catalogues. Of course, other binding options such as saddle-stitch or wiro bound work well for document printing but there are a few good reasons why we think perfect binding is the perfect choice for booklets between 40 and 700 pages long.

What is Perfect Binding?

With perfect bound printing, all the pages of your document are stacked into a perfectly squared block. Then a strong, flexible glue is applied to the rear edge of the block before the cover is wrapped around the pages, bonding the entire publication along the spine.

Once the glue is dry and cured, we trim the three open edges of the paper and cover, so that your publication is perfectly square. The strength and smooth, clean finish of perfect bound booklets makes it a hugely popular method for binding larger documents, and the vast majority of thicker magazines, catalogues, brochures and books are perfect bound.

Digital Printing and Perfect Bound – The perfect partnership supply perfect bound documents for a wide range of customers, from start-ups and small businesses, through to larger corporations. With digital printing, there’s no minimum print run, so printing small amounts is just as cost effective as printing larger quantities. We’ll print the exact quantity to suit your needs, so you don’t have any waste.

What are the advantages of perfect bound printing?

1). It looks professional. Perfect Bound printed books and documents have a smooth, clean finish which really catches the eye.
2). You can print on the spine, so your title is visible when the document is stacked.
3). The clean, square finish of perfect bound publications means they sit neatly on top of, and alongside each other, making them easy to stack and display.
4). It’s extremely cost effective. Check out for full details of perfect bound printing prices.

What sort of finish can I have?

The choice is yours! We supply a huge range of paper choices and finishes. Have a look at our website or contact our team, who’ll take you through your options to find what suits you best. From high quality standard papers through to luxury paper choices in a range of weights, you’re sure to find the perfect solution. Our papers come in matt, silk and gloss finishes, and a laminated cover will give your booklet finish of real quality.


What sort of sizes or publications suit Perfect Bound printing?

APerfect Bound Booksny document of between 40 and 700 pages, including magazines, catalogues and brochures, eeports, manuals and books.

Your printed booklet, brochure or magazine can be finished and bound in a number of ways. But if your publication is between 40 and 700 pages long, perfect bound could well be your perfect option.

Our website shows many styles, sizes and examples of perfect bound printing across a wide range of publications, as well as reviews from our customers. So have a look and see how perfect bound printing can work for you.



Perfect Bound Booklets