Are personalised folders worth it?

Are personalised folders worth it?
Personalised Folders

Effective marketing is all about the little touches. From business cards to flyers, each piece of marketing material that comes into contact with your customers and clients is a reflection of your business and should therefore be taken seriously. In this post, highlights the key benefits of high-quality, personalised folders, detailing the impact that they could have on your business success.

What is a personalised folder?

In essence, personalised business folders are used to house loose documents together for organisation and protection purposes. These documents can take on a vast array of guises, including meeting notes, printed powerpoint slides, company reports and more. What’s more, personalised folders can be fitted with pockets for housing smaller promotional material, such as business cards or leaflets.

What are the benefits of personalised folders?

Listed below are the key benefits of using personalised business folders.


Printed folders are the ultimate brand awareness tool. By strategically designing branded folders in a way that effectively communicates your key messaging in line with other stationery, they will not only add to your business reputation, but they will also achieve a consistent brand experience that makes potential customers feel at ease with starting a relationship with you.

Lead generation

The beauty of personalised folders is that they can be laden with your key business information. For example, you could add a concise ‘About Us’ section at the back of the personalised presentation folder giving potential customers the chance to learn more about the background of your company. If impressed, the potential customer will likely turn to the key contact information on the folder and inquire about the products or services that you offer.

Enhanced presentations

As the name suggests, personalised presentation folders are best suited to housing documents related to a specific business presentation — both internal and external. They let you take your audience on a journey from start to finish; flicking through documents as they appear on the projector screen. This level of organisation will help you convey exactly what you want to get across in the meeting whilst ensuring that your audience remains engaged throughout. To top it off, through specially-made compartments, you can gift promotional material, such as business cards, flyers and so on, to members of your audience in order to further your brand awareness.

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