Why a pop up display stand can be your silent salesperson

Why a pop up display stand can be your silent salesperson

For many companies, sales are the bread and butter of their business. Without sales you don’t have customers and without customers; well, you know where you are headed. The importance of acquiring and keeping customers has seen salespeople play key roles in many industries for decades if not centuries. A salesperson can often be the glue between a business and its customers.

American public speaking specialist Patricia Fripp once said:

“It is not your customer’s job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.”

As a business it is therefore so important that you ensure your existing customers and potential customers will remember you when it comes to their decision-making process when considering a purchase. For most companies this idea of being memorable, and ensuring your customers are continuously aware of what you are selling, lies with a salesperson.

Everyone can be a salesperson:

When it comes to making your business memorable to your customers, everyone within the business can have a role to play. It’s therefore important that everyone in your business understands the need to act as a salesperson from time to time. In fact, most employees are already acting as a salesperson without even knowing it. Your shop floor worker could be dealing with a customer or your accounts manager talking to a friend about what you do. At some point, you will all take up the role of a salesperson in one form or another. While some will be more knowledgeable and technical, everyone has a role to play in promoting a business and making you and your brand more memorable.

The role of point of sale:

If we think of a retail environment like a supermarket or high street store, point of sale is prominent throughout the store. For many customers this will be the first point of contact you have with anyone in the store. Before you even start a conversation with a member of staff or cashier, you will more than likely already know the price and information on the product you are looking. Point of sale can often play the role of a silent salesman in that it provides the customer with the most necessary information.

How can pop up display stands help?

Pop up display stands can work alongside your existing point of sale merchandise instore or in your place of business to enhance this ‘silent salesperson’ role. A pop up display stand can really take on the role of a silent salesperson if you are exhibiting at a trade show or conference. There are a number of reasons for this including:

• Pop up display stands have a large area that can be used to promote your product or service.

• Provide visuals and explanations of your offerings.

• Get creative and make your display stand memorable so it stands out.

• Include contact details such as website, email and contact number.

• Reinforce your brand colours and message.

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The information on a display stand can be digested by visitors even when your sales team are dealing with enquiries. This is the real power of a display stand and highlights its role within your sales team.

Getting the design of you display stand right will play a big role in how memorable it will be to your customers – existing and potential. One thing to remember though is the importance of getting the right information onto your stand. Use it to promote what it is you are offering, in the same way that a salesperson would promote your offerings to customers.

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Here at Digital Printing we have a range of pop up display stands including the Rapide and Curvorama just waiting to join you ‘silent sales team’. Contact our expert sales team today to find out more information on how display stands can help make your message more memorable and the role they can play in connecting with customers.

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