What are the most popular types of brochure printing?

What are the most popular types of brochure printing?
types of brochure printing

There’s no better way to reach potential customers than with a company brochure or leaflet. Brochures and catalogues are great for displaying all of the products or services you provide but often you don’t need multiple pages to get your message across. You may want to introduce a new business or product, give out information or advertise an event. When you’ve less to say a folded leaflet is the perfect way to say it and there are plenty of options available. Folded leaflets typically fall into two categories: Bi-fold and tri-fold.

What is a bi-fold leaflet?

A bi-fold or half fold leaflet is a flat sheet creased once to fold the page in two. An A5 leaflet with four printed pages will start life as a flat A4 sheet. It is then folded horizontally to give four A5 pages or panels. Alternatively it can be folded vertically to make four panels each measuring 105mm x 297mm.

What is a tri-fold leaflet?

With a tri-fold leaflet the flat sheet is creased twice and folded in three. This gives a folded leaflet with six panels. There are three types of tri-fold leaflet:

  • Roll fold

A roll fold leaflet is folded twice to make six panels of equal width. The right-hand panel of the creased flat sheet is folded in, then the left is folded over that to make a cover.

  • Z fold

Z fold leaflets are also folded twice to make six panels but this time the fold is a concertina style. The most common size for both roll fold and Z fold leaflets is a finished size of 1/3 A4.

  • Gate fold

With a gate fold leaflet the two outer flaps are each half the width of the centre panel and both fold in like double doors to meet in the middle.

What can I use my folded leaflet for?

Folded leaflets are perfect for direct mail and can be delivered by hand, post or inserted into other publications. They’re also great to bring to trade shows, conferences or events. They can be displayed on reception desks, bars and tables or distributed in person.

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