Get print-ready for 2017!

Get print-ready for 2017!

At, we are reflecting on what, thanks to you – our customers – has been another great year. We’re in an ever changing and evolving industry. Much has happened in 2016 and the coming year looks to be equally exciting.

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What products have been most popular in 2016?
Booklets and brochures are consistently popular. We’ve printed books, brochures and documents from four to 700 pages for customers throughout the year. We’re always adding to our range and this year added a new A6 size to both our saddle stitched and perfect bound books. Printed stickers have really taken off this year too. As well as branded address labels, we’re finding that customers are using printed stickers on their packaging and envelopes to push their brand even before the package is opened. And with budgets tight and advertising space limited, sticker campaigns are more popular than ever.

Has the explosion in digital marketing affected the print industry?
Print is as strong and popular as ever. Sales in some areas of print are actually increasing because people are still much more likely to read and engage with a physical product like a brochure or leaflet, than something on online. Some of the best campaigns use a mix of print and digital marketing. Many leaflets, stickers and posters include QR codes to drive traffic to websites or social media pages. Targeted mail drops have a much better response rate than email campaigns and outdoor advertising is really cost effective because of the sheer amount of people who see it. We print a great deal of adshel, 48 sheet and 96 sheet posters for customers and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as some people might think.

Is the environment going to be an even bigger concern in 2017?
Yes. At, we believe that everyone should do what they can to reduce waste and reduce the strain on our planet. We set out our environmental policy very clearly. It’s on our website for all to see. We use Forest Stewardship Council (FCP) paper that comes from managed forests where a tree is planted for each one cut down. We also recycle 99% of any products that can be re-used. And with digital printing, you never have to print more than you need, so there’s little or no waste.

What can we expect to see in 2017?
Technology continues to revolutionise the industry and the coming year will see even more imaginative use of large format printing. There are more and more original and exciting ways to advertise both indoors and outside. See-through window graphics are becoming increasingly popular for vehicles and business windows. Backlit graphics offer original marketing opportunities and advertising that’s designed for backlit sites can really come alive and look different at night than it does in daytime. Our digital printing process is perfect for all of these outdoor and large format techniques.

The new advancements in technology mean that our product range is growing by the year, while our online quoting and ordering systems are extremely popular with customers. This is a hugely exciting time for and our customers.

In a constantly evolving industry, always make sure we’re ahead of the game. We strive to deliver perfect print and that means always making sure our top of the range digital and large format presses are the best in the marketplace. That means our customers enjoy the very finest print quality available. To see our full range of products and to find out what our customers say about us, simply visit today.



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