Print perfect invitations for your party or event

Print perfect invitations for your party or event

invites-6We all want our event or party to be a success and that starts with the invitations. Whether posted or hand delivered, the invitation introduces recipients to your event and sometimes to your business itself. Events can really help your business or raise funds and put some extra thought into your invitations can help ensure your event is a big success.

Get topical with your event – and your invitation

It’s always best to keep your invitation text to a minimum but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. What’s going on in your area or in the news? During worldwide sporting events like the World Cup or Olympics, you’ll notice that all sorts of products and services are advertised with a similar theme. When a particular TV show is popular many marketers will make reference to that. The headline, style or imagery on your invite can reflect big news, sporting or entertainment stories. That gets attention and very often getting attention quickly is over half the battle.

Think about design style

If your event is child-friendly your invitations can be fun and quirky. If your invites are B2B you’ll probably want a more corporate feel. Modern digital printing techniques and presses allow for a full range of colours and great image quality so you’re not limited by what can be achieved even for very small quantities. Sparse, single colour designs can also be very effective. If you’re unsure of the best feel for your invitations, play with different options and get some feedback from colleagues or trusted customers.

Your paper choice can make a real difference

Choose a printer who offers a wide range of paper types, weights and finishes. Is it important to you to you to use recycled materials? Do you want glossy or silk finish? Lamination? Maybe you’d like a unique feel with luxury paper with hammer effect, linen effect, pearlescent or laid textures. Paper can be coloured too and white ink can be extremely effective. Look at less usual options for your invitation printing. have over 20 years’ experience of printing invitations for a wide variety of customers and events throughout the UK. We offer an extensive range of papers, weights and finishes including recycled options and our exclusive luxury paper range. Our award-winning website offers superb user experience with an easy to follow quoting, artwork upload and ordering process. Your invitation will be printed on market-leading HP Indigo presses that produce rich colours and perfectly reproduced images. Our print, service and delivery are all guaranteed with the DP Guarantee. To find out more or order your invitation printing online, simply visit



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