5 great print ideas for marketing your small business

5 great print ideas for marketing your small business

Print-Marketing-IdeasDuring over 25 years in the print industry, we’ve printed a huge amount of marketing material for small and medium sized businesses. If you’re a small business owner, you’ll know that good marketing material is essential in building your brand and getting your message out there. Even if you use digital marketing, you’ll know that print is perfect for driving traffic to your website or social media pages as well as engaging those who don’t spend as much time online.

At DigitalPrinting.co.uk we print a vast range of products for our customers. There are a few that work really well for small businesses, so have a look at these five marketing ideas we know will help your business grow!

1. Quality Business Cards

It might seem obvious but it’s worth emphasizing the importance of well-designed, professionally printed business cards. Your business card might be the first piece of your marketing a potential customer sees so it must give the right impression. Think about the weight and finish of your card. No-one likes a flimsy, poorly printed business card. Our HP Indigo presses produce the very best digital print quality in the market. We offer a huge range of weights and finishes that will make your card look professional and really stand out and, so have a look online and give your business a great start.

2. Brochures, Booklets and Flyers

We print a great number of brochures, booklets and flyers. They’re great for advertising your brand, products and services. Many people engage much more with printed material. They interact with a physical product much more than they will with similar information online, so this type of marketing is invaluable in promoting your business.

3. Stickers and posters

Stickers and posters are a very cost effective way to get your brand noticed and your message seen by huge numbers of people. Sticker sizes start at 25mm diameter, so they can go anywhere, inside or outdoors (as long as you have permission of course.) Our indoor posters start at A4 size and go right up to a whopping 1524 x 530mm. Certain to get your business noticed!

4. Banners & outdoor advertising

Our large format presses rarely get a break. We print outdoor posters from A2 size right up to 48 or 96 sheet billboards and you’ll be surprised at just how little they cost to print. You might also consider PVC banners. Your banner can go anywhere, inside or out and they’re perfect for advertising events, services or your business name in a big way but at a low cost.

5. Postcards and direct mail

Postcards and leaflets can be sent directly to potential customers’ doors so you know they’ll see your message. You can include offers, coupons or deals that will entice people to engage and buy. Great for first time customers or for upselling to existing clients.

At DigitalPrinting.co.uk we print a vast range of products for our customers. We always strive to exceed their expectations of quality, choice and value for money. We’ve helped so many new and small businesses grow with cost effective marketing and we’re delighted that our customers keep coming back to us for all their printing needs.

To see our full range of products, get quotes and order online, or for help or advice on the best type of printed marketing for your business, simply visit www.digitalprinting.co.uk or click here to contact our expert team today!

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