Postcard power

Postcard power

How to design and print powerful promotional postcards

Promotional postcards

Advertising and marketing trends may change but the postcard remains one of the most popular and consistently effective promotional products. Their size and adaptability means postcards can be used as hand-outs, direct mail or inserts in magazines, booklets and other print. They can be left on counters, bar tables or reception areas and they don’t cost much to produce. That makes them extremely popular with marketers.

You can make sure your postcards get your message into a crowded marketplace by following a few simple guidelines for effective postcard design.

1. Give out a single message well told
There’s a place for your company history, your product list, your prices and your list of great testimonials but that place is not on your postcard. Stick to one simple message. Draw people in with a clear and concise headline. The recipient could well be interested in what you have to offer but if you don’t get their attention quickly they could easily throw your postcard away rather than bother to read it.

2. Only use great images
Use only high resolution images that will appear sharp and clear in print. Low resolution images or those that need enlarged will look soft and blurred so only use pics that are 300dpi resolution at the size they’ll appear. Don’t drag an image off Google or another website. Even if they’re of a good enough quality they’ll probably be copyrighted or owned by someone else so using them could land you in trouble and cost you money. If you buy stock images try not to use something bland or clichéd.

3. Surprise with size
Standard postcard size is A6. A6 will always be a popular size for marketers because it’s handy, easy to carry and fits easily in pockets, magazines or letterboxes. However, printing postcards that are larger or smaller than normal is another good way to get your message noticed. You can even go for a square postcard and really stand out from the competition.

4. Provoke a response with a noticeable call to action
It’s easy to get caught up in the design of your postcard and forget to give enough attention to your call to action. Whether you’re giving something away, promoting an offer or introducing your new business, make sure you trigger an action from the reader in the form of a phone call, email or request for more information. You can even include a code number or voucher to help you track responses. offer six sizes of printed postcards ranging from A7 (half the size of a standard A6 postcard) to A5 (twice the size of a normal postcard). We offer a wide variety of paper types, weights and finishes including trucard – a scratchproof, specialist postcard material. You can also choose from our stunning luxury paper range or have your postcard matt or gloss laminated. All of our postcards are printed using our state of the art HP Indigo digital presses that produce true, vibrant colours and clear sharp images.

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Promotional Postcards

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