Make your printed brochure work for your business.

Make your printed brochure work for your business.

A well designed, professionally printed brochure might be the most effective marketing tool your business will have. Even in a World where digital marketing continues to grow and evolve, a printed brochure is invaluable in engaging existing and prospective customers.

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The personal touch
People interact differently with a printed brochure than they do with online marketing. The tactile nature of print leads to a greater connection and consumers will browse over printed material, while online they tend to scan and leave. And the beauty of digitally printed brochures is that there is no minimum print run, so you never need to print more than you need. You can also personalise the brochure for different customers, or include numbered coupons and offers.

What makes a good brochure?
It’s a competitive marketplace and your printed brochure will be one of many out there. So how do you make sure yours gets noticed and read?

Quality printing
Your beautifully designed brochure deserves the best quality print on the finest paper. We have over 25 years’ experience in supplying printed brochures and we’ll print your brochure on a high resolution Indigo digital press that gives stunning colour reproduction. We’ve a vast range of papers types, from our high quality standard stock, to our luxury papers, in a number of finishes. Have a look on to see the full range of options and examples of the brochures we print.

Quality design
If design isn’t your forte, bring in a professional. Remember, your brochure might be the first impression a prospective customer will have of your business, so make that impression a good one. There’s a lot of competition out there, so be creative. A unique cover that grabs the attention will entice people to look inside and see what you have to say.

Choose the right content
Use your content wisely. Don’t overload your brochure with too much information.  Choose the best content to keep the reader’s attention and retain interest. You can always use your printed material to drive traffic to your website, so keep your brochure content concise and relevant.

Use images and graphics wisely
Good images can really help your printed brochure and our high resolution printing techniques produce stunning, vibrant colours which really stand out. However, use your images wisely and don’t fill your brochure with bland stock imagery. Your graphics, too, should be clean and consistent with your company branding.  And don’t feel you have to fill each page with text and images. Every designer knows that white space can be extremely effective too.There are some great examples of well designed, printed brochures on our website, so have a look and get inspired!

Know the purpose of your printed brochure

Is your brochure introducing your company to a new marketplace?
Is it a selling tool or catalogue?
Is it aimed at other businesses or the public?

Knowing the target market for your brochure is vital before you decide on the design and feel of your brochure. Think about your paper choice, weight and finish. Our range of quality and luxury papers come with silk, gloss or premium uncoated finishes, so you’re sure to find one to suit your needs. How will it be bound? Depending on its purpose and size, you can have your brochure:

Saddle stitched; great for magazine format, booklets and company brochures.
Perfect bound; commonly used for thicker brochures, catalogues and reports.
Wiro bound; perfect for manuals, presentation and reference documents.

For more details and to find out which binding is best for you, have a look on Your printed brochure is extremely important to your business, and that means it’s important to us. We’re proud to work alongside our customers to produce brochures and marketing material that looks great and really works. To see examples of what we do, read customer reviews or for more details on our products, simply visit or contact our expert team today.

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