Thinking outside the box – The brochure

Thinking outside the box – The brochure

Your printed brochure has many more uses than you might think
We see printed brochures used for everything from catalogues or reports to marketing and advertising material. However, there are more uses for your printed brochure than you might think.saddle stitched booklets 1 print brochures for a huge variety of uses, but we’re always thinking of new ways to help our customers. That’s why we’ve come up with some new and slightly different ideas for your bound brochures.

Order of Service
We already print an extensive range of wedding invites and stationery for customers, including the order of service. But what if your wedding or service is longer or larger than normal? Maybe you need more pages than would suit a standard order of service. If that’s the case, a saddle stitched brochure could be ideal. You can have up to 40 pages and still choose from our full range of papers, including our luxury range; perfect for those extra special occasions.

Event programmes
A programme is usually the first thing people look for when they enter an event. As well as informing attendees of times, locations and running orders, event programmes are great promotional tools. Event hosts can promote their own brand and advertise sponsors and exhibitors. Our customers find both saddle stitched and perfect bound brochures – where you can have up to 700 pages – ideal for event programmes.

Coffee table books
Photographers, designers, artists and many others in the creative world, know that brochures are an excellent, low cost way to showcase their work. Everyone with a few minutes to spare; whether at home, in waiting rooms or in cafes, enjoys leafing through coffee table books. Perfect bound brochures are the perfect way to let people see what you can do and our high quality HP Indigo presses produce rich colours and sharp, clear images which will show your work in it’s finest light.

Saddle Stitched Booklets

Colouring books
If you’re eating out with your kids, you might well be offered a colouring book. Even in today’s world, kids (and some adults – whether they admit it or not) love them. It’s easy to create your own colouring book. Uncoated inner pages can show designs or images relevant to your business, or just pretty pictures – it’s up to you! You can choose perfect binding or saddle stitched as well as wiro bound, which is great for colouring books because it opens completely flat.

Direct mail
While leaflets and postcards are always popular for mail drops, many of our customers use brochures for their direct mail. Brochures give you the space and the freedom to advertise your business, products or services. You can even include offers or vouchers to add value and engage customers effectively.

There’s a huge range of brochure styles, sizes and binding options on our website. Our digital printing techniques mean that there’s no minimum order and our presses produce the highest quality print for your brochure. To find out more about the many uses for brochure printing from, simply visit our website or contact our experienced team today!

Ever wondered what goes into getting your printed brochures to you? Watch this video to see how we do it…