Using printed brochures to tell a story and share your message

Using printed brochures to tell a story and share your message

We recently looked at 5 ways that can help you build the perfect brochure, and these included images and content. The use of image or photos, and content, will perhaps have the biggest impact on how customers relate to your offering or products. A brochure provides you with a great platform to really tell a story and connect with your customers. Whether your brochure is a small 8 page brochure or a more detailed brochure with over 100 pages, it is a medium that should not be underestimated and it can provide you with a great way to share your offering and your message with customers. So how can you use brochures to tell a story to your customers? Well, we’re going to take a look at this below.

Telling a story with printed brochures:

A printed brochure should be viewed upon in the same way as a book. When an author sits down to start creating their latest story, there is a certain structure to their process. They want to really captivate the reader from the beginning, and keep this interest and engagement running throughout the book until the very end. While printed brochures will not have the same detail as a bestselling novel, it is this journey that needs to be replicated. Don’t just jump straight into designing your brochure without actually thinking about what it is you want to achieve from it. Remember the layout of pages and use these to tell your story and guide your customer through your brochure. When designing your next brochure and creating this story about your brand message and offering, there are 3 things to remember.

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1. Your cover page is important:

The cover page is the first thing that customers will see with your brochure, so be sure that it will grab their attention. You should really use your front page to highlight the biggest offering from within the brochure or really use it to highlight what it is your company is offering. This is particularly useful at exhibitions and trade shows, as the cover page will allow visitors to get an idea of what you do, before they even turn the first page. We would also recommend using a heavier weighted paper for your cover page and applying a coated finish as this will help provide that added touch of quality that can often help you make the right first impression.

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2. Make a real impact with your centre pages:

If you are creating a brochure with a small number of pages or one that is being created specifically for an event or promotion, it is important to ensure you utilise your centre pages. You centre pages can give you the perfect platform to make maximum impact but also get that wee bit more creative. Use your centre pages to make a real impact and make the biggest selling point of your brochure. Consider the impact of the centre pages in folded leaflets – really use this space to get your point across to your customer. Use it to really sell your story and your offering.

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3. Space is your friend:

One final thing to remember when telling a story through your brochure is the use of space. Don’t try and pack every single bit of detail into your brochure as it can become too confusing for your customer and they simply won’t read it. Use space to help you tell your story and to help create a layout that looks good and is easy for customers to read and follow. Use space throughout your brochure, along with headings and sub headings where required, to make it as simple as possible for those reading it, to understand what the message is. Allow your images and graphics to breath by using space around them.

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Do you use brochures to promote your business to your customers? Brochures are a great way to make an impact regardless of the size you go for. It’s all about the message within it and how you share your story and make customers sit up and take notice of your message. For more information on printed brochures, read our recent article on the role of brochure printing in marketing.

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