Serving food? Your marketing starts with your menu

Serving food? Your marketing starts with your menu
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We’re a nation that loves our food. If you run a restaurant, pub, cafe or take-away you’ll understand the importance of both the quality of your food and how it’s presented. And that presentation starts not only with the food but with the menu. Whether your establishment is sit-in or take away; high end or fast food, people often make choices based on their first impression. And that means your menu.
Rather than see your menu as a price list, treat it like any other piece of marketing. After all, it’s guaranteed to be seen by existing and new customers. Make them returning and regular customers – starting with a well-designed, professional printed menu to really whet their appetites.

Know what you are
Obviously your menu design should reflect the type of food you serve and the business you run. For example, if you’re running an American style diner the menu design should fit that style. An up-market restaurant with higher prices might use a more classical, traditional design while a contemporary restaurant offering something different or quirky might go for a more modern look on its menu. The food, décor, feel and brand of the business should be reflected in the menu design.

Bring in a designer
If you’re not a designer, bring one in. Your menu is the last place to cut corners. If it looks cheap and unprofessional people will assume the same of your food. Bring your designer to see your business and the type of food you serve so they fully understand the type of establishment you’re running.

Make your menu easy to read
The most recent research shows that people read menus the way they read everything else – Left to right; top to bottom. This contradicts older thinking that suggested the top right was the best place for high profit items. List your menu items in sequential order starting with appetisers and divide it into logical sections. Don’t make people work too hard to find something they like.

Check out the competition
With so many places to eat there’s always going to be competition. Find the most successful and see how they operate. Look at their menus and how they’re presented. Even if your business is completely different you can get ideas you may not have considered. supply menus in a number of sizes and styles. Choose from an extensive range of premium paper or card types, weights and finishes. Your menu can be laminated for extra durability, strength and easy cleaning or if you need something extra special you can have your menu printed on one of our stunning luxury papers. Our HP Indigo digital presses allow you to print even small quantities with market leading print quality and that’s great if your menu changes from time to time or has regular specials.

To find out more or get an instant quote, upload artwork and order your new menu, visit today.

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