Who wins in the battle between printed mail versus email? The results might surprise you!

Who wins in the battle between printed mail versus email? The results might surprise you!

It’s been proven – getting your message into a person’s hands is also the best way to get into their heart and mind. We take a look at all of the reasons why you might want to rethink that email strategy and think print.

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In a world overloaded with bulging email inboxes, a lovingly designed piece of print wins every time. Think about it: how you approach your inbox, is how most people do: generally first thing in the morning, you scan the subject lines and addresses, discounting and deleting anything that looks remotely spammy, too much like a hard sale or not from a known contact. Then you keep your finger on that delete button until it’s all nice and clean again.

It would be awful to think of your carefully crafted invite, event alert, sales offer or thought leading piece going the same way: straight into the recycle bin. But there is another way. Print – perhaps even more so than email – remains highly effective in getting the attention of your prospects – and for many great reasons:

Print is perceived as individual

According to Citipost mail, last year we sent 13 billion letters. Sounds like a lot? Not really when you consider we were swamped with 215.3 billion emails PER DAY. Just by printing your invite or offers or menu or pitch, you’re already creating standout. Print it with good design and quality values and you’re maximising the opportunity even more.

Print is perceived as high quality

Email is a good, cheap media to reach a real volume of people. You can send a single email to hundreds, thousands or millions – if you’ve got the right email databases. You’re going for numbers, not necessarily repeat business or brand building. That’s not the right approach for all businesses: especially those who want to be seen as high-end, bespoke, quality or premium.

Print is valued and trusted

It’s been shown that printed words are more cognitively engaging than electronic ones. And it appears that people believe letters are most honest than emails.

Print comes across as more thoughtful

People notice when you’ve gone to the trouble of getting something printed. They interpret this to mean that you’re serious about what you say and that you have such confidence and belief in your product or service, you’ve invested in it yourself.

People keep print

Almost half of all OPENED emails are clicked on same day, while up to 80% are opened up to 12 days later (perhaps missing the offer or event in the process). Printed mail is picked up the same day it’s delivered and – on average – kept for around 17 days. That’s a full 2 weeks of opportunity for it to be picked up and passed around an office or workplace. Email may seem like a cheap and fast way to get the message across, but are you just getting what you pay for?

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