Printing for Christmas: 4 colours for your promotional material

Printing for Christmas: 4 colours for your promotional material

Christmas is a time to celebrate and this should be portrayed in all your marketing material at Christmas time – no one likes a scrooge, and this is even true when it comes to the business world. Christmas is an opportunity for all businesses to reach out via their marketing and promotional material – and of course, it’s imperative that you do with the Christmas spirit.

In today’s blog post we take a look at the Christmas branding colours which are set to be popular and on trend for Christmas.

4 Christmas colours for your promotional material

1. Traditional colours – Red & cream/white

Red and cream work with branding material at Christmas time because they are traditional, warm and instantly recognisable. These are great colours for businesses which operate in the hospitality industry (like food or hotels) as these colours will evoke a sense of warmth and reliability. The use of white space in the below advert is also very useful as readability is very important in all marketing material, but particularly at Christmas when details are imperative.

Christmas-FlyerImage source: Hinckleygolfclub

 2. Earth colours – Green, white and brown

These colours derive from the traditional Christmas tree and are a great neutral colour scheme for all marketing material. These would be particularly effective for the beauty and holistic industry as earth colours represent nature and holistic practices. They are colours people associate with health and wellbeing so they are considered trustworthy in the world of branding and with so many businesses competing for customers at Christmas – trust is something you must focus us through your marketing efforts. Learning about the psychology of colour can really help with your marketing efforts.

 veggieImage source: Veggies

 3. Icy colours – Blue, silver and white

They are cool, cold and forever in style. Icy colours for Christmas branding are a great and modern way to brand your marketing material this Christmas. Consistently popular amongst gift shops and retailers – icy colours at Christmas set the mood for the season and of course these colours always look fresh and good together.


 Image source: cargocollective

4. Using your own brand colours

There’s nothing to say you cannot simply add Christmas details to your own brand – this can be something as simple as adding small trees or bells to your leaflets, using your own brand colours.  This a great way to show your Christmas spirit whilst being loyal to your own brand and allowing your customers and potential customers to recognise your instantly.

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