Printing flyers for your business?

Printing flyers for your business?

flyersMake yours better than your competitors with our five tips for effective flyers.

Flyer advertising works – but some flyers work better than others. With so many businesses using flyers to promote their brand, products, and services, how can you ensure your flyers flatten the opposition?

1. Offer an incentive with an attention-grabbing headline
Most marketers and businesses know that a good headline is priceless when it comes to getting attention. That means your headline needs to both grab attention and provoke further action from the reader, whether that action is taking the flyer itself or going to a venue or store. So rather than just thinking of a clever headline, offer an incentive like money off or a special offer. Everyone loves saving money and getting something for nothing.

2. Striking design gets noticed
If you produce a lot of flyers it’s easy to fall into the trap of using a similar design again and again. While consistent branding is great for growing brand awareness, be aware that a design that looks odd or that jars with other designs around it is more likely to get noticed and read.

3. Use intelligent distribution through well-targeted marketing
Rather than just leave flyers in random locations where you think the public will see them, think about your target market and where they go. There’s little point filling a corner shop with flyers promoting a rock concert or a new B2B service. A little research into where your target market go and thought into your distribution will go a long way to producing a truly effective flyer.

4. Don’t scrimp on print
A cheap looking flyer will do a great deal of harm to your business. Washed out print or cheap paper will more than cancel out even the best design and content. Always use a professional printer and ask to see samples of previous work.

5. Include a call to action
Make sure your flyer provokes an action from the reader. That might be to order a brochure, register for an event or buy tickets. If your flyer drives people to a web page, consider using a unique URL so that you can track the response. You can also include a coupon or code; great incentives to act and perfect for tracking responses.

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