Pull up banners – here’s 4 things to remember when picking yours

Pull up banners – here’s 4 things to remember when picking yours

Pull up banner stands (also known as roll up or roller banners) are a popular piece of marketing equipment for most brands, and can be used both inside your place of business, or outside it in trade shows and exhibitions. This makes pull up banner stands and effective way to promote your brand and your offering, both internally and externally. The business world can be an extremely forgiving and often unforgiving one, regardless of which industry you are in. While banner stands won’t revolutionise the way in which your business is run, they can help give your brand a voice on those many occasions that you need it. The visual impact of banner stands are often their biggest appeal, and when designed right, banner stands can be a great way to engage with a captive audience. However, when the design approach is half-hearted, and you approach the design of a banner stand as simply “ticking a box”, you are simply throwing money into the bin. To help you understand the importance of banner stands and why they can help your brand stand out, here’s a list of 5 important things to remember when deciding on a pull up banner stand.

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5 Things to remember when deciding on a pull up banner stand

1. Cost

Unlike pop up banner stands which can often run into the hundreds in terms of their cost, pull up banners are an extremely cost effective way of getting your brand message across. The standard size of a pull up banner is 800mm (w) x 2000mm (h), meaning you have a large platform with which to get creative. Pull up banners will increase in price as their width and quality increases, but in terms of value for money, you really get what you pay for with banner stands. Our entry level pull up stand is the silver banner stand which starts at £27 per stand and is perfect for short-term events.

2. Quality

We have our own entry level pull up banners here at Digital Printing, but many companies in the print industry will offer extremely cheap banner stands that can often seem too good to be true. Well, that’s because they are. Be sure to research your banner stands and read the reviews before parting with your cash, as cheap doesn’t always mean quality. Cheap banner stands can be a good way of getting the most from a small budget, but remember to consider how the reflect on your brand. It is important to remember the role of quality when deciding on your pull up banner stand, and while you may not be able to physically touch your banner stand before purchasing, the cost will also give you an idea of the quality of material used to make it.

3. Set up time

The big advantage of investing in pull up banner stands is their ease of construction. If you require a promo stand that is easy to set up, then pull up banners are perfect for you. Ideal for trade shows, conferences and exhibitions, your pull up stand can be set up and ready to go in less than a minute. Simply roll the banner up using the telescopic pole, and slot it into place, and you are ready to go. If you are regularly going from trade show to trade show, you will need a banner stand that is easy to set up and always requires minimal fuss to take down – pull up banner stands is your answer.

4. Your design

We’ve often discussed the need to get your design right when it comes to creating banner stands. The design and layout of a banner stand is often overlooked and ill-thought, as companies often feel the urge of putting as much information as possible on banner stands. Be sure to consider your audience and how you plan to use banner stands, before deciding on your design. Once you have these things sorted, read our article on 5 tips to designing a roll up banner stand, for ideas to getting your design right. The design is as important as the cost and quality of your banner, because if it isn’t designed with the customer in mind, then your message could quickly become lost.

If you are working with a larger budget and looking for a banner stand that can make a real impact at a trade show, then pop up banners could be just what you are after. Pull up banners are great for making a short-term impact with a smaller budget, while pop up banners can really help make an impact if you have a large promotional area to work with. Read our previous blog on pull up vs pop up banner stands to see which one is right for you.

If you need advice on choosing a suitable banner stand, speak to our expert team today. You can keep up to date with all the latest news here at Digital Printing, by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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