7 reasons to use a direct mail campaign

7 reasons to use a direct mail campaign

With the recent explosion of digital channels and social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, it can sometimes be easy to forget about some older marketing techniques that still have a place in reaching your customer base. One area that a lot of companies ignore that offers great potential for any marketing campaign is direct mail.

Direct mail usually takes place in the door to door format, meaning you can get your message straight to your customer’s door. It can be quite challenging to get the right message in your direct mail leaflet as a number of consumers still view direct mail as spam or junk mail. For this reason it’s important to really consider the end user and how relevant the message is on your leaflet. If you tie a direct mail campaign in with your other marketing efforts and have the same message throughout, the returns can be great.

Direct mail has been around for decades and while the way in which we can reach customers continues to change, one thing that hasn’t changed is the potential reach of direct mail. It can become a very powerful branding tool and particularly successful for small, local businesses.

Leaflets and Flyers

Here are some more reasons to consider using direct mail as part of your next campaign.

1. Personal:

If you have managed to capture personal details of customers for marketing purposes, you can effectively target them with a personal message or offer. Using data from their previous buying habits, you can target customers with offers and new product launches on ranges they may be interested in. Personally addressing a leaflet to someone can also have a good impact as they are likely to take time to read it.

2. Targeted:

Direct mail campaigns allow you to target specific demographics and areas. This means targeting only those customers you are interested in promoting to. Targeting a direct mail campaign also allows you to target different areas (towns, cities, countries) with offers that are relevant to them. As you are targeting the customers you are most interested in, it also reduces the amount of wastage that can often be the case with other traditional platforms like TV, Radio and Newspapers.

3. Longevity:

A direct mail leaflet drop has the potential to have great longevity to it. If the content of your leaflet stands out then there is a good chance that your flyer will remain on your customer’s coffee table or somewhere in their house for quite some time. If the message isn’t right, it could very easily end up in the fire or binso it is important to have a clear message that appeals to the customer.

4. Flexible:

Now we don’t mean your leaflet will bend and twist if you decide to go with direct mail. This simply means that direct mail is a great platform for all businesses and all budgets. No matter how big or small you are, a direct mail campaign can be affordable and can present some great returns on investment.

5. Integrated:

Many companies can be put off the idea of a direct mail campaign because they don’t think it will fit with their other promotional channels. This is not the case and if anything direct mail can help add value to your campaign by reinforcing the message and creating some added brand awareness. Again, it is so important that the message is clear and consistent with your other offline and online marketing efforts.

6. Customise:

Direct mail allows you to customise your message and tailor it to a specific audience. This customisation of your message will help support the personal touch you can get from a direct mail campaign. Customise a message that encourages a call to action from your customer once they receive it.

This customisation is really powerful when there is an emotional connection to it such as a birthday or anniversary with this approach being used well by hotels, beauty salons and fashion outlets.

E.g. “Happy Birthday John. Use this voucher and get 50% OFF instore or online today only.”

7. Measurable:

Like all marketing methods, you want to be able to measure how effective a campaign has been and if you are getting much return on your initial investment. Using vouchers, coupon codes or perhaps even a custom web page can allow you to measure how successful your campaign has been.

If you would like more information on direct mail and to get advice on getting the most from your next campaign and designing your flyer, get in touch with us today.

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