The role of banner stands in helping brands stand out

The role of banner stands in helping brands stand out

There are a number of challenges that present themselves to businesses on a regular basis. These can include finding new customers, creating the perfect working environment or promoting what you offer. One thing that plays a role in all of these areas, and indeed almost everything and organisation will try to do, is the brand. Your brand is much more than some colours or a few words. Your brand is an overall experience, and whether this is a customer experience, an employee experience or the perception the general public has of your brand, you want this to be one that is good and reflects well on the business.

As the business landscape continues to change, there are many ways to promote your brand message and ensure your brand has a voice among the masses that exist in your marketplace. From social media channels, to videos that go viral, and guerrilla marketing techniques to old school press ads, there are many ways to get your brand message out there for people to see.

One medium that can really help your brand stand out, especially in your place of business is banner stands, and below we look at 4 ways in which banner stands can help your brand stand out.

1. Can be used in any size of space:

One of the big advantages of banner stands is that they can be used in any size of space and help to really create an area that promotes what it is you are offering. Whether you have a small space to promote your offering or a large area, banner stands are one of the most popular ways to utilise promotional areas. From individual roll up banner stands to larger pop up stands, you can really create some excitement around your brand using banner stands instore or at a trade show.

2. Show your corporate colours:

Banner stands provide you with a large area that really shouldn’t be wasted. This area should be used to promote your offering and message, but more importantly, it should become a branding tool that will promote your corporate colours. The print quality of banner stands is great and can really enhance your brand and help portray that image of quality that we all want associated with our brand. Just make sure to avoid cheap banner stands as the quality of these can sometimes have a negative effect on your brand, especially at trade shows and exhibitions when it is placed next to your competitors.

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3. Make an impact:

The one thing a banner stand can do for your brand is help it make an impact. If you’re a small company competing with some of the big players in your industry at a trade show, you will want a display that catches the eye and makes customers want to visit your stand. While leaflets, flyers, posters and even brochures, all have their place at a trade show, the only way to really stand out and make an impact is with a banner stand. Large pop up stands like the Curvorama and Rapide banner stands can help give a shell that impact that is needed, and also help to generate a bit of awareness and exposure for your brand and your offering. The good news here is that these pop up banner stands won’t break the bank and they can also be used over and over again, meaning you can use them both instore and on the road.

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4. Get your message across:

Finally, banner stands allow you to do the one thing that you want from any promotional tool – to get your message across. Banner stands aren’t used to be read from a distance, they are a marketing tool that is meant to be viewed up close and personal. This means you can include added detail that you wouldn’t include on something like a large poster or billboard. As they are predominantly used in your place of business or at a trade show, the primary purpose of a banner stand is to generate an initial bit of interest from prospective customers, and provide them just enough information that will leave them wanting more. This is where your sales team come in and help really sell your message, offering and indeed the brand experience. After all, they are part of the brand experience, just like the banner stands.

If you are planning on visiting a trade show in 2014 or just want to get that added impact instore, contact our expert team today and find out more on how banner stands can help you achieve this. Don’t forget you can now connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, to keep up to date with all the latest print related stories and the latest news from the Digital Printing team.

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