The role of images in printed leaflets

The role of images in printed leaflets

One of the most popular forms of printed marketing solutions is the printed leaflet. Available in many different shapes, sizes and indeed page quantities, leaflets are a great way to promote your business and your products to your customer base. They are also an effective way of providing customers with something tangible; something that they can physically take with them to read through at their own leisure. One element that can really help a leaflet stand out is the use of images. It’s often said that a picture can say 1000 words, so today in the Digital Printing blog, we take a look at the role images play in printed leaflets.

Images and printed leaflets

1. Add colour

Using images in printed leaflets can really help to inject some colour into a leaflet. Let’s face it, a leaflet with lots and lots of text, and few images isn’t going to be too appealing to the eye of your customer. You want to use images and the colour they provide, to grab the attention of your customers and help your leaflet stand out. Be sure to consider the background colour for your leaflet though, ensuring it doesn’t clash with any colours of the images you are using. It is important that you give your images a platform to really shine, when creating leaflets. Check out our previous article on the psychology of colours in print, as this may help influence the background colour you use with some of your core leaflet images.

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2. Connect with your audience

Images can play a big role in helping you connect with your audience, and this is why they are so powerful and popular in almost any marketing communications. Images have the power to evoke feelings and emotions with your customers. If you want to highlight the beauty and features of a product, then an image is the best way to achieve this. Think of your audience when deciding what images you want to use, as quality stock images can even play a big role in connecting with your audience and helping to sell and promote your offering to your customers.

3. Break up the content

Using images in printed leaflets, can help to break up the content of your leaflet. Your customers won’t want to read through reams and reams of text. Use heading and short descriptions, with images supporting them to help sell your product / service to your customers through leaflets. Use images and photos to reinforce your offering and be sure the text used to support the image is relevant. Pictures can provide that professional, eye-catching look and feel to a leaflet, that will help to break up the content and guide your customer through each page, allowing them to get the information they require.

4. Showcase your offering

Finally, and perhaps the biggest advantage to using images in leaflets is their ability to showcase your offering and help to really sell the offering. If you are creating a leaflet to promote a range of products, images are likely to do so much more than text. Take the example of cars. A car dealer would never dream of creating a leaflet that just had text explaining the features and specifications of the motor. Images and photos are used to showcase the product and to make it a desired product among the customers. This is the same with almost any product, think food, jewellery, clothing, etc. As consumers, we tend to buy a lot with our eyes, so use images to visually stimulate your customers and make them act on your offerings in your leaflet.

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Quality is also important when it comes to images

When you are designing for print, and using images, another important thing to keep in mind is the use of quality images. If you are using images in your leaflets, it is important to ensure they are high quality and 300 dpi (dots per inches). You will also need to save your images for print as CMYK, as opposed to RGB which is used for screens. Find out more about the role of images by viewing our latest infographic – setting up and submitting artwork for digital printing.

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