Designing for saddle stitched

Designing for saddle stitched

saddle stitched booksLayout tips for your saddle stitched booklet

Thinking of a company brochure or booklet? Maybe you’re printing a magazine or report. Whatever sort of document you need there are a number of options when it comes to how it’s put together. Our most popular option is the saddle stitched booklet and if your document is up to 48 pages, then saddle stitched could well be your ideal choice.

What are saddle stitched books?
Saddle stitching is a simple and cost effective method of binding where the pages are folded and joined with staples – or stitches – along the fold. So for an A4 booklet, one A3 sheet would make four pages when folded.

Tips for designing your saddle stitched booklet
If you’re at the design stage and think that saddle stitching is the best solution for your printed booklet, there are a few things to consider when working on your layout:

Spread your design
Saddle stitched booklets open flat, meaning graphics can go across a full spread, That gives you more options with your design and the freedom to create really striking visuals throughout your document.

Choose your size
Last year we added A6 to our range of sizes for saddle stitched booklets. That means that at we now supply five sizes with A5, 1/3 A4, A4 and 210mm x 210mm square also available. You can have landscape or portrait format too, so when it comes to layout for your booklet, you’re spoilt for choice!

Get creative with paper
At we supply a huge range of paper types, weights and finishes including recycled options. For our saddle stitched booklets, most customers choose a heavier paper for the cover and we recommend that you laminate your cover too for extra strength and durability. As well as our silk, gloss and premium uncoated papers, don’t forget our luxury paper range. This stunning range of papers give your booklet a truly beautiful look and texture that will really make it stand out. Ask for a sample pack and see how our luxury papers can add even more to your design to help you create something really special.

Points to remember when designing for saddle stitched booklets
Because saddle stitched booklets are made up from sheets that are folded to make the pages, your page count must be a multiple of four. If your saddle stitched booklet is over 24 pages we’ll square off the spine to make sure it won’t spring open.

When laying out your text leave a good margin beside the fold so that all your content can be easily read.

At we’ve supplied brochures, booklets and a full range of print for over 20 years. We understand our customers’ needs and they know that we make it our business to deliver their print exactly how and when they need it. Our website makes it easy to get prices, order, upload your artwork and arrange delivery online. You can even download artwork templates for your job.

To find out more about how can help you with your brochure or booklet, simply visit or contact our expert team of printers today.

Saddle Stitched Booklets

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