Spice up your business cards this year

Spice up your business cards this year

business card“New year, new me!” might be said with the best intentions but it doesn’t always last long into the year. However, a new year is an ideal time to look at your marketing and a great way to make a lasting impression is to create stunning new business cards.

How to create perfect business cards

Think a business card is simply a way to give someone your contact details? Well, think again. Business cards are one of the most important pieces of marketing you have. They give an immediate impression of who you are – and that first impression sticks. There are three vital elements you simply must get right or your new business card will do more harm than good.

How to design a business card

Think carefully about the colours and fonts. It’s a good idea to try a few fonts you like in your early designs and see which work best. You’ll obviously include your logo so you can use those colours or others that work well with that without clashing. Using colours that are consistent with other marketing is a good way to build brand awareness. If you’re unsure about design have a look at other business cards that stand out to you. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel.

What paper is used for business cards

Well, as long as it’s a good weight and of high quality it’s up to you. Remember that colours appear slightly differently on different types of paper. There are silk, uncoated and gloss finishes but many of our customers choose luxury paper like pearlescent, laid, linen or hammer effect. We also supply cards from a standard weight right up to a whopping quadruple thick luxury business card. Anything that makes your card stand out or more memorable is a good thing so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Where to print business cards online

Even the most creative design on the best paper will fail to make a good impression if printed poorly so make sure the print itself is of the highest quality. We do. In fact, we guarantee it every time!

What are the main purposes of a business card?

Business cards are used to let potential customers know who you are, what you do and how you can be contacted but they should also convince the recipient that you’re the right person to help them. It’s not just a question of what business cards are used for. Good, effective business cards promote you as a professional who is serious about what you do and as an expert in your field.

What size is a business card in the UK?

That’s up to you as well. Standard sizes are around 50mm x 90mm but you can have square cards or go for a longer flat size that is then folded – ideal if you’ve more to say.

Create business cards your way with DigitalPrinting.co.uk

For the perfect business cards check out DigitalPrinting.co.uk. We supply business cards in a number of different sizes. You can have square, folded or one of the more standard sizes and you have the choice of an extensive range of paper types including luxury paper or extra thick card with a colour inlay. Whatever you want your card to say about your business we can help you make a fantastic first impression. Visit www.DigitalPrinting.co.uk today to create stunning new business cards for a prosperous new year.

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