Stand out for the right reason with luxury business cards

Stand out for the right reason with luxury business cards

Chances are we have all held a business card at one point or another, and as you read this, you may even have a collection of them lying by your computer or stuffed into your wallet. Yes, business cards can be a very powerful tool in the business world but the big challenge is making your business card stand out from the masses at a trade show or conference. How can you make your business card make a lasting impression? Well, we have the answer for you and it’s all to do with luxury.

What are luxury business cards?

Luxury business cards as those that are of higher quality than a standard business card. The paper used is thicker and of higher quality – hence the word ‘luxury’. A quality luxury card that is ultra thick will really help you make an impression the next time you hand one out to a client or customer. Not only will it make a great first impression but it will make a lasting impression and help your card stand out from the countless other business cards that will be sitting in someone’s office.

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Why go for luxury business cards?

We’ve all come across lightweight business cards in the past that simply aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. More often than not these cards end up going to one place – the bin! Don’t have your card end up in the bin; leave a lasting impression with a thicker business card that really does scream luxury. Your client or business contact will see that no expense has been spared and that you really mean business. This initial impression could be the difference between getting a deal done or winning a pitch and not – business cards really can be that important!

What is the difference between a luxury business card and a normal one?

The biggest difference is the thickness of the card. A standard business card would be around 300gsm but luxury business cards start at 540gsm and can reach a thickness of 1190gsm – that’s 4 times thicker than a normal business card. Using a HP Indigo digital printing process, luxury business cards have a rich, distinctive colour to ensure they stand out against your average business card. They may be wore expensive, but as with anything that is seen as a ‘luxury’, the additional spend can be instantly noticed.

What sizes are available in luxury business cards?

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You can choose the standard size of business cards for luxury business cards (85mm x 55mm, 90mm x 55mm or 90mm x 50mm) and they can be printed either portrait or landscape. The 540gsm luxury business card is printed on double thick silk card with a matt lamination for a real quality look and finish. If you want even more luxury than this then the triple thick (810gsm – 865gsm) and quadruple (1080gsm – 1190gsm) thick business cards are what you have been looking for.

These ultra thick luxury business cards are uncoated with a customisable visible coloured edge. These cards are ultra-thick and have to be held to truly appreciate the quality. We believe that no other online business card provider is producing cards as thick as 1190gsm, so these really do need to be seen and felt to be believed. You will instantly recognise and appreciate the quality that a luxury business card can add to your next networking or conference event.  With 12 customisable coloured cores also available for the printed edge of your card, luxury business cards will really make someone take notice the next time you hand one over.  The feel of quality from the card alone will be something different to anything else they are likely to pick up that day.

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With so many business cards handed out at events, make sure yours is one that will leave a lasting impression. Does a business card that is 1190gsm sound like something that can stand out for you?

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