Where to stick your stickers! Get creative with sticker location

Where to stick your stickers! Get creative with sticker location


StickersAt DigitalPrinting.co.uk we know a thing or two about stickers. We print them in a huge range of sizes from 25 diameter round stickers to A3 size and our customers use our stickers to advertise everything from events to promotions.

Stickers have some great advantages over other marketing techniques. They can be produced at very low cost and they’re extremely effective when used in stand-alone campaigns or as part of larger promotions.

The location of your stickers is important. Their versatility means that they can pop up in unexpected places, surprising potential customers. This means your stickers get noticed. So we’ve put together a few ideas for unique and attention-grabbing placement of your new printed stickers.

On the ceiling
No one expects to see stickers on ceilings. Anywhere people look up is perfect for stickers. Dentists’ surgeries or above stairs are great places to advertise, especially if your content is relevant and interesting.

On bathroom and toilet walls
Walls, cubicle doors and sides, hand dryers and even bathroom floors present excellent sticker marketing opportunities. People have to look somewhere!

On produce
Your local grocers might be open you to put stickers on some of their produce. Everyone buys fruit and veg sometime and a well-placed sticker will certainly get their attention. Our smallest sized stickers are perfect for this type of marketing. Chat to your grocer and you may work out a deal to benefit you both!

In lifts
No one knows where to look when in a lift, especially with surrounded by other people. See if you can get permission to put stickers on lift doors or walls. You can easily target the customers you want, based on the building in which the lift operates and who uses that building.

On glass doors
Anyone approaching glass doors will notice stickers against the transparent glass. A relevant or clever message will certainly grab attention. Remember, you can choose from a great range of sticker sizes, so have a look at DigitalPrinting.co.uk to find one that’s perfect for your needs.

On café and food hall tables
Have a chat with a café owner or food hall manager. You may be able to work out a deal that allows you to place stickers on tables. They’ll get seen by large numbers of people again and again.

On the underside of pedal bin lids
Do potential customers use pedal bins? In shops, bathrooms or cafes, a sticker visible when the lid opens will take people completely by surprise and that means you’ve got their attention. A well-designed sticker with a good message will be remembered and so will your business.

You can place your stickers in so many great locations but wherever you choose, do remember to ask for permission. At DigitalPrinting.co.uk we print stickers in a huge range of sizes and styles. You’ll see great examples of stickers we’ve printed for customers. You can get a quote, upload your artwork and order online – it’s easy! To get more info or to see how sticker advertising can work for you, simply visit www.digitalprinting.co.uk or contact our experienced team today!